Mar 1, 2009

Reminicing in The New Year

Some writings from a newly saved soul, me- in 2002.
How wonderful to read them again today! :D

I wanted to be free so badly
He paid my ransom and I could run
not knowing where I was going
I had nothing but I had it all
Now I'm tired and I'm thirsty
and the Living Water is all I need
and it's painful
to learn to walk again

at times I don't know what to do
I tell my legs to go,
they just won't make a move
maybe you have felt this way
my mind is being renewed
lumbering little baby steps

just a little petition,
and He will show he way
Christ is standing there,
with His hand out
for every step

not because of me
but because of God
I get closer to Him every year

When He is making me strong, rejoicing with me
When He is allowing me to feel so weak,
covering me with His wings
keep it always this way Lord,
for when I feel
I need to go
I need to flee
to the cross

When I cannot stop,
I must get there,
for He is waiting there for me
I just need to be able to see Him clear
He is there and I am here
I need to get back to that place
Draw me near
I am here
Hear my small, small voice
in the wood of this world
take up my plea
and set my path straight
You don't forget about me

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