Mar 7, 2009

Usually I don't have any time to make a real post these days, but this morning I awoke before the light and was full of that tired-but-can't-sleep energy. All the better to have an extended time at the foot of the cross before all of Saturday's fun,chores and errands step in.

I have a lot to be thankful for these days! So, this is my own little Thankful Saturday post :) What with all that I have and want to do with my family right now- it is a very busy, wonderful season of raising and teaching small children and one adolescent around here- I'd love be able to keep up with all of those wonderful Christian blogs on the CWO, and to particpate with these great ladies of the faith in the CWO posting schedule- but I just can't. I have plans to though, when my kids are older and I have what will for sure feel like too much free time by then on my hands! ;)

I have been seeing the work of God's masterful hands popping up in our lives like crazy lately, beautiful threads that form and come together all on their own on our behalf- with the only requirements for them being God's mercy, and faith in Him.
I want to thank Him for all that He has done and will do.

It began with Redemption; it continues on today. As we were knit together in our mother's wombs, God knew the plans He had. Thank you, God! I am thanking God today for His work in our family, on my heart and on my childrens heart's, on my husband's heart and for His protection and shield over our family. He has been bringing more and more obedience out of me, one of my constant prayers has been that obedience would come quickly and with less struggle sometimes (who doesn't pray that, right? lol!) and in His mercy, He is helping me with that. Where I would have thought that I was pretty much obedient before, He is bringing forth more obedience and then pouring on blessing after blessing for that obdeience-- those small steps all day long that God gives me strength to make? He blesses me for them,too! Too good to be true? It's not!

If anyone in the world would ever be reading this post today and you are prone to anxiety, let me tell you that walking in faith will in one way aggrevate that tendancy- but in a good way, a bondage-breaking way- and it will also make you closer to the Father than you are to your fears- a very, very good thing!
If I don't share that, I won't be able to share all that God has done in my life and in our lives, and it is good to bring Him glory. God has taught me how to walk all over again. He has been at work in my relations with my eldest son, whom I have been with since I was 19 and who has been with me from a previous marraige- the other children have no recollections of life before God(I never thought I would be a small part in God being able to give that gift to my children from when they are small!,)- but he does. Because of that, he has had a birds-eye view of watching his Mother change, in a series of little tiny ways that have spun together over time into quite a big difference. This has led to priceless times of questioning,curiosity, wondering- and all the talks that come of that- and I have faith that God is indeed using His work in my life to be a witness to my children. T. is my first child, so he is the first who will grow up into a young adult man right in front of my eyes. I am so thankful to have a God who is always at the ready willing and able to help us raise him the right way, to draw his heart towards Him- we will no doubt make plenty of mistakes as the years go by but there is no fear in that anymore! There have been mistakes in the past, God has Redeemed them and worked them for Good; we know now that God Will work all things for good in the life of a believer so this is one more thing we don't have to fear. Sometimes anxiety even tells you it's too scary to have faith in God- as if we ourselves could protect ourselves and our families better than He could. Don't try to be that shield for your family and your heart that is burdened with all the cares un the world, trust God and let His light in; He will take care of all the things you can never take care of for your family.

He will even grow you into a submissive woman, trusting to the point where you will not feel need ever to question Him, not knowing if all He says is real or too good to be true... I am not fully there yet, but in faith I look forward to that day when the struggle with unbelief at times and sin all the time will be lessened; God is doing a good work and He has promised- and kept All His promises- to grow me and to never stop growing me- He will do the same for you. As this year is more peaceful in the heart, so will next year be more peaceful than this yet.
It's not peaceful because there have been no storms or valleys, in fact the stormy
winds have been beating quite regularily against the doors of our hearts and it's not because we never feel too stressed or scared or sometimes sad, but it's because God protects us, gives us strength, encourages us, teaches us what to do and holds us there.

Beyond that, He even blesses us for the obedience He helps us to have!

I want to praise God this morning with whoever reads this because I *know* that you have your own story of redemption and lifelong mercy and love and protection that you could share as well!

I wanted to add onto the praise how great the Marriage and the Mercy of God seminar was in Hershey in January- and even share some of the gold nuggests from Betsy Ricucci's teachings, but I guess that will have to come at another time---
the sun has been up for awhile now and the family will be stirring soon!
I want to to be at the DMV for 8:30, and the boys and I are going bowling this morning after that- there's a free show rental coupon on the website for berks lanes if your local or semi-local! $3.25 per game before noon.

Have a great day and God bless!

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