Dec 19, 2008

Next Week Is Christmas Day, the day of our Savior's birth!

I am looking forward to celbrating our Savior's birth with
our family, and seeing my families happy faces when they open
the gifts that God has blessed me with being able to pick out
for them.

I can't tell on here what special things I found for
folks like my husband and my Mother-in-Law~ because on
occasion one or the other will read this blog! lol
But I am excited about being able to bless each of them
with things that they love this year.

We have found the perfect tree(it was in Alan's parents yard,
imagine the coincidence!? lol) and we have decorations still
in the boxes waiting to be hung, but we have baked cookies-
and Yes, a Kellogs Corn Flakes Marshmallow-Wreath(it was 'Nummy,)
and Yes, we have wrapped all of the gifts and were able to stick
to our budget(for the most part ;)

I hope this week is a week of peacefullness, calm
and joyfullness over the Lord's love for you.
I pray that none of us will get too busy, or too
stressed out. I hope that times of fellowship and company
will be sweet and stress-free, and that all of you have
some simple-y wonderfully yummy things to bake that will
WoW your guests and please you with their easyness and few
ingredients required; I know that I do! I have all of my
wonderfully easy Tastefully Simple yummy's to serve my guests,
and we are all looking forward to the new Butter Brickle Cheesecake
for Christmas Day, and the Almond Pound Cake, Strawberries and Whipped Cream Trifle on New Years Night with our Champagne :)
We are all so spoiled in my family now that I am selling Tastefully Simple!! Hah! :) ;)

Christmas-Dinner Prayers:
Heavenly Father, Thank you for sending Your Son Jesus to earth. We not only celebrate His birth in the manger, but also the reason for His coming -- His death on the cross. We thank You for providing eternal life for each person who will accept His free gift of salvation.

Father, I thank you for my family. Life is not always easy for us, but we know that You are always with us. As Your Word says, You will never leave us nor forsake us. Thank you for the love that holds us together and for always meeting our needs. Draw us closer together through this coming year. We love You and want our time of celebration to be memorable today. In Jesus’ name, amen.

A Present-Opening Time Prayer:
Lord Jesus, Wise men travelled for miles to bring you the first Christmas presents. So may we, too, remember with thankful hearts the love that comes with each present we open. We also thank you for the amazing love you have for each of us, and we thank you for the many gifts that you give us. Amen

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onto the Lord. Enjoy!! :)


Kelly said...

Merry Christmas, Stacey! I hope you enjoy your week as well. Love the present-opening time prayer! xoxo

Linda said...

Stacey! I love you :) It's hard to find time for blog searching when I don't have the web at home, but I'm so glad I took the time to stop by. Your love for the Lord is so evident in your life and speech. I was just scrolling down through what I've missed and saw how grateful you are for the godly man Al has become. Isn't God so amazing? Your story as a family is one that brings much glory to him and shouts the truth of the gospel. I hope you guys are having a wonderful time away and have a fabulous anniversary!!! Love you Hoffmans!

Heather said...

Stacey :) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!!