Dec 13, 2008

1 Corinthians 11:7 "For a man ought not to have his head covered, since he is the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of man."

And 11:8, "For man does not originate from woman, but woman from man."

Man is uniquely created to bear the image of God as a ruler who was given a sphere of sovereignty.

Both men and women were created in God's image.

The original creation from the "dust of the ground" was Adam only.
Eve was created later from part of Adam himself.
The male was given the dominion and authority over God's created
world and is, by that fact, the glory of God.

Woman is the glory of man, woman was made to manifest man's authority as man was made to manifest God's authority. The woman is vice regent, who rules in stead of man or who carries out man's will, just as man is God's vice regent, who rules in His stead or carries out His will.

Charles Hodge says, "She receives and reveals what there is of majesty in him. She always assumes his station; becomes a queen if he is a king, and manifests to others the wealth and honor which may belong to her husband."


Anonymous said...

Stacey, I don't understand where you base this comment: "man was given a sphere of sovereignty"

can you explain what you mean by this and what in Scripture leads you to this conclusion?

thanks, Juli

staceyhoff said...

Hi Juli, sure I can explain my statement that your wondering about-- what I said was:
"Man is uniquely created to bear the image of God as a ruler who was given a sphere of sovereignty." What I meant by that is that
1.Man was created by God
2.Man was created by God uniquely(unlike the animals, unlike woman)
3. Man was created to rule over the earth and bring it into his dominion( ), not because man is God- but because God created man and gave him this job, and because it brings God glory for man to subdue the earth and all the animals in it.-
4. That God gave man a sphere of sovereignty in so far as he gave man a position to be in authority over the earth- the animals, the land, the plants- and then the position to care for and be responsible for the woman He created for him. The term sphere of sovereignty as I intend it does not mean what it seems that you may be wondering about, that somehow man is on par with God and is God/is equal to God in some way; NO, that was not my statement- but rather, that God gave us-in HIS sovereignty- roles as humans, and the role of the man was and is to be sovereign over the earth and all the animals and the land and woman- the word sovereign in the Webster:
Sovereign: "\Sov"er*eign\ (? or ?; 277), a. [OE. soverain, sovereyn, OF. soverain, suvrain, F. souverain, LL. superanus, fr. L. superus that is above, upper, higher;" so you see it is not always used in a religious way, as saying God is sovereign- for that IS different- but, in this post, I meant to say that man has been given, by God, the responsibility to be above, ruler over, sovereign over the earth and all that is in it... I hope that explains my statement better, I mean to say that I believe God's word about why and how man was created, and what his function is, as well as why and how woman was created, and what *her* function is. I sure do honor God as sovereign over all, especially man and woman, me and my husband, and all of us, believers and not. We may choose to exercize our free will in order to walk away from Him, instead of closer to Him, but He is sovereign nonetheless.!. Thanks for asking for clarification :) I hope I helped some :)

staceyhoff said...

Juli, I like the book
Divine Design by John MacArthur to explain man and womans biblical roles, as designed by God.

This is a big link but the book is here, in part, if you want to preview some of it: just copy and paste this big old thing into your web browser like any other,smaller link :) It should work :),M1

staceyhoff said...

Please read the book beginning on page 46; Macarthur does a good job of listing all of the pertinent scripture there and since I am so busy this week, I will let him do the job for me- but if you want to talk more next week please email me and I will gladly discuss other scriptures that have guided my life. -Stacey