Aug 20, 2007

Being here,in body and sight,is the presents such perfect opportunities to share the gospel with my unsaved family members.I know they get sick of hearing about God,but,what else am I going to talk about? Everything comes back to the sovereignty of the Lord.This morning for example my 87 y.o. grandfather and I sat discussing the death penalty over coffee(he loves his political discussions)and he turns to me and suddenly says,"How are you shaping up to feel about this garbage?" um, is he asking me what I believe? Well, let me tell you... I told him. And not only did I tell him what I believed,I told him what hope I had and why I believe that people need the Lord.It was great.It just came up.This is how life happens.Luckily,as the discussion broadened to include what Christ had to say about capitol punishment in the N.T., I was able to flit into the next room and retrieve my bible for exact references,but that is not always a possibility.I was struck by the realization that at soem point I will have to memorize the references to all these scriptures I have free floating around in my head and finally add some order here. As a blogger friend blogged on her own blog (whew!!) God is a God of peace and order. Thanks to you, A Lilly Amongst Thorns. It was after this whole chat with my grandpa that I happened to read her blog instead of others, and it spoke to right where I was at this morning~ Thank You God! ;)I am off to memorize some scriptures WITH references this afternoon... quiz me next time you see me. ( no, nevermind, don't I might only get a ;)


Heather Smith said...

I totally need to learn references too. Thanks for the reminder!

Julie said...

Stacey, Thanks for being a great example and being faithful to take the opportunity God gave you to share the gospel with your grandfather. It's evident that you are always looking for the opportunity. And God was laying it in your lap right there, just like CB was saying the other day! Such great encouragement for me to remember to look for these times in my own days!! Have a great rest of your vacation!


I am so glad you had a chance to witness to your Grandpa.

I love to memorize the scriptures.They bring such comfort to my heart. I had a teacher once tell me if at some point in time we had to do without our Bibles, the only scripture we would have would be what we memorized and held in our hearts. That was good enouh reason for me if there wasn't many other to memeorize. I encourage you to do so. It will bring you blessings you can't imagine. connie fromTexas