Aug 17, 2007

Good morning from my grandparent's house, nestled on a beautiful sparkling cove off a dead end road somewhere in North Kingstown, Rhode Island :) I have nothing huge to say, but wanted to say Hi. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes for our travel; we arrived just fine and on only a tank and a quarter of gas,to boot! I think this has a lot to do with my impressive self-control not speeding once the entire way - at least I was very impressed, lol. Actually, this was due to prayer :because I would be in a tempting situation taking the car that has no cruise control, I asked Him for grace to be self-controlled and vigalent so that we could be safe number one and number two, not get a speeding ticket. Something I am shocked to hear was doled out to a friend here for driving only 5 miles over the posted limit. And I thought 5 miles was a 'safe fudge' of the rules...

Isn't that just like us humans? We want to see, at times, how much we can get away with before we have pushed the rules just a bit too far and the consequences of our rebellion begin to coil back on us. I can see it in myself with always wanting to fudge on the 5 miles,kids show it in a way that is more readily easy to see because they don't try to cover it up with rationalizations and intellectual argument ;)
Who am I kidding? There's way more than the 5 miles I could claim, if you really want to get into

But, enough about speeding :) I am hoping that it stops raining here and gets semi-hot soon because we are planning to go to the beach today. This is something I would never hope for at home in PA, because as we all know it is plenty hot all Summer long down there. Right as we speak, my grandparents are arguing over picking the bluberries off of the bluberry bush outside over morning coffee- who should pick them? and why is it always you? y'know, I'm not an invalid yet, though you treat me like one!! lol. I am so blessed that Gracie is still sleeping now, at 8:38 and she has been since after 12pm last night- when I brought her to bed with me at 9:30p.m. *sigh* yes, we all have those stories right? Of putting the kids down for over 3 hours? lol. Something about travelling always winds them up- what am I saying, I get that too. I have to exercize great self-control to make myself go to sleep when she does because I am so esxcited to be Of course,falling asleep after 12pm.m last night was easy as pie :) I am so excited to be here with my family and at the shore again, if only for a week- it is a week that other's are not privy to because they have children starting in public school right now! And I am just settling into thinking through when I would like to start school, Aug. 31st as usaul(don't think so!)or the second week of September - lateish, but way more likely. Thank you God for the flexibilities of HomeSchool- when needed we can adjust start times and make up for it as the months go on. My sister may indeed be coming to live with us over Labor Day weekend after all, as her plans to stay in VA a year longer have possibly changed- for now. We will see how things stand by the 28th when we are supposed to go down there for Labor Day weekend and pack her up to go. I am excited about having her for a brief time on the cusp of her journey into adulthood, as I know soon she will be getting an apartment with our cousin who is 22 now and then she will be paying her own bills and cleaning her own house - how exciting!! lol :) Anyways...

We were blessed in so many ways on the trip here, and continue to be blessed now. And everyday. " Great is His faithfullness." Even to us humans, those who choose sin and do not deserve it. Though the AC broke in the tip of Connecticutt, where there is always bumper to bumper for at least 3/4's of the state,and it was over 80 degrees, God provided a nice breeze that helped us withstand the freon malfunction of our AC.
We have those wonderful portable DVD players that are worth way more than their weight in gold when all the travel games you can play and state books you can fill out(for the gazillionth time) grow old after 3 or 3 hours of driving.And can you tell that my grandmom is graciously making blueberry pancakes for all of us as I write this, freeing me from any breakfast responsibility? Thank you Grandma, we love you :) My grandpa just happened by and read this last line, teased 'I don't know how gracious she is but she's doing it anyways" -lol!- these are the funniest old folks I know. Don't get it twisted, they are not being disrespectful it is just their banter between themslves and grandpa likes to tease everyone- especially me :) - so even when my grandma gets to verbally 'spanking grandpa a bit we all know she is doing it with a cover of love because she is smiling and "spanking" him with the dishtowel. Usually :) Ohh God thank you for my family, and for all of the gifts that you give. We love you!!!! Hope you all have a great day :)

Greg Laurie Daily Devotion - Aug. 17, 2007Why We Need Unity There is one body and one Spirit (Eph. 4:4). What if I was apologizing for something when my eyes decided to do their own thing and start rolling?
( Just copy and paste that bad boy if your interested in listening to this 5 minute devotional on how the whole body of the church is needed!) xoxox's

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