Jun 16, 2007

A fabulous mommy at the blog Good Like Medicine posted this comment recently and I just had to re-post it on here for you to read her words.
Her comment brought on both conviction and provocation, so Thank-You, my friend!
I remember doing so well for a season with what she is talking about, and sadly I have just lost sight of that vision. Sure, I am still praying for my family and friends but praying for my children in the midst of having to discipline them is what she is talking about. With my oldest I have fallen away in this area, allowing the disillusionment with day in and day out discipline about the same issues to beat out my commitment to God in this area. So sad. In this way discipline with him has become an affair of frustration instead of an affair of intercession for him before the Lord. I am glad to have read her words today. God knew that I needed to read this today for both conviction and encouragement in this area of daily life. Thank You, God! I also am freshly convicted to ask God to forgive me again for my dissalusionment, for this is lack of faith, and doubting a tiny bit if God will really change my child's heart. But His word says that He will. Just not in MY timing! Anyways,

Here are her thoughts:

"Hmmm, great thoughts. To answer you, this is just where I am in my journey at the moment: I once read a post at Girl Talk that helped me try a new concept, which was keeping my morning prayers on the computer with my "to do" lists for the day, and devoting some snippet of morning alone time before kids to this. The key to success with this for me has been disciplining myself to go to bed early ...

Another "door" that God unexpectedly opened for me in the last few years has been what I mentally label as "spanking prayers." I am finding (with a 3 and 2 year old who need discipline and another who will be there soon) that those times when I have to force my children to stand quietly along the chair, the wall, or wherever I need them to at the moment of correction, I give ample "quiet" time with no noise, either after or before a spanking, depending on the attitude and reaction of the child's heart.... anyway, this "quiet time" has turned into the sweetest time for me as a mother to seek God, sometimes bowing down behind them or touching my child's back gently, and calling for God to draw my child's heart and my own heart to His.... I find myself in tears many days, whereas I used to be irritated or angry when prayer was not apart of this time for me.....oh, this has become a sweet, powerful time of intercession and made my times of discipline much more hopeful and God-centered."


goodlikeamedicine said...

Stacey - you are so encouraging to let me know how my words uplifted you. We know that truly it is not what I said but the power that God gives us to love when we pray and seek Him! Thank you. I wrote a few more thoughts about it as I posted yesterday because this subject has been on my mind a lot recently. God bless you, and I appreciate your comment and your blog! Your boys are beautiful (in a totally boy way, haha).


Very good post. Thanks for posting it. If I still had young children it would have been a real blessing so those with young children, I know they can use it. connie from Texas