Jan 15, 2007

Yummy Super EZ 'Recipe'

Iv'e noticed that many other wives post recipes on their blogs, so
I thought I'd post this one, as it is incredibly easy and very yummy!
My favorite kind of recipe... LOl

~~~Pan fry chicken or pork till done, add a cup of apple or plum jelly
to the pan and a can of chopped jalepenos {drain can and add half of it
for mild spice, all of it for spicier and all of it + the juice for spiciest},
and heat till 'sauce' is bubbly. Serve with some extra 'sauce' ladled over the meat.
How easy is that!It is great with some steamed veggies and mashed potato. ~~~


Dani said...

That does sound yummy stacey! but do your kiddies eat that with hot peppers in it? Mine would scream-even black pepper is too much for these guys. Maybe I could add the peppers to half of it.

staceyhoff said...

Lol ,yeah my guys eat it the way I make it because I put in only half the can { those little cans of chopped jalepeno peppers aren't that spicy anyways}but they have little cans of diced green peppers that are not jalepeno there too and those have no spice at all, maybe your guys might like that better? If they are like one of mine they won't like 'the little green things' in the sauce and will pick them out anyways Lol :)
I bet it is still good without the peppers, but I haven't tried that yet...

BTW, can I convince you to add the name of your blog onto your profile? I'm sad I couldn't find it but only 800 others named the same thing Lol If you add it to your profile, I could follow that link right to it...and I think one can still restrict readers by having them sign in? I have seen that before.

I wish Corey had a blog too... if your reading this, start blogging Corey! ;)

Anonymous said...

try this stacey:
all one word. need to type in the .blogspot.com part also. if you cant make it work email me, and I will send a link.