Jan 13, 2007

<3 Tales From The Men's Retreat ! <3

Wow, I know this is a LOT of posting in one day~BUT!~ It has been such an exciting weekend, what with the Men's Retreat and all. Al's been telling me all about it; sounds like they had a really good time over there! I can't wait to listen to the sessions on CD.
I heard CB was in a kilt and topless... guess we women will be missing that ( whew) LOL !!
What a wonderful church we have the privilege to be a part of, that there is such service to the men. And the women! One day soon I will have to post more about what we learned ourselves at the Women's Seminar in October. I am also thankful for my husband. As Al excitedly told us all about what he learned about prayer, and about the greatness of God as creator of all things, I was very proud of him ~ and he shared very openly and excitedly in front of his family at our little nieces birthday party we had this afternoon. Later during dinner , he shared with me and the kids about the man who took care of his wife who had become very disabled with MS. He told us about how he's go above and beyond the required duties to care for her, and how he'd dressed her and himself up formally and taken her to an event the school she'd worked for previous to her illness was sponsoring. As he told us how he'd wheeled her out in her reclining chair and danced with her on the dance floor, his eyes were shining with tears. I realized how blessed I am to have been given a husband who I know will take care of me if I become ill. And what a great example of godly manhood his sharing that in that way was for our children as well. I am very convicted that I need to appreciate him all the more, and keep on my knees to be the excellent wife God would want for him to have. Your prayers for me to make this a #1 priority in my life would be coveted. Thanks! <3

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