Jan 17, 2007

'Tell me there's some point to all this suffering that's going on in the wolrd.'

I heard Matt Damon being interviewed on Actor's Guild the other day. When asked what he would like God to say to him 'at the pearly gates', he said that he'd like to hear God tell him there was some point to all the suffering that's going on in the world. It seemed to me as if he was looking for all this suffering to be a part of some kind of divine plan? But there is no point to the suffering. The suffering comes because of our sin! Sin causes people to hurt other people--robbery,murder,sex crime,child abuse & neglect,when we scream at each-other-- it's sin. Can we not also say that extreme poverty in many areas of the world has been largely ignored because of sin? When we get to Heaven, we will see how God feels about it with our eyes, but even here we can know in our spirits how He feels about sin; His word says that it breaks His heart! He cries with us. For us. And we sin! He didn't want sin; we brought sin upon ourselves. He has been trying to save us from ourselves ever since!He sent His only son to die on a cross for us so that we could be freed from sin's worst consequence- eternal death-and all we have to do is believe in Him and ask Him for help. It IS crazy how many people are suffering. People tend to blame God for that; I used to. We think, 'Why would God let all of these bad things go down? He is in charge, so He could stop it... If He Wanted To.' And then the devil feeds us lie after lie anout the character of God. But that is Wrong!I didn't understand sin back then. I didn't know that God let us have the free will we wanted, the one we Took in the garden. We listen to satan's lies, and we take free will. I didn't know that he doesn't force us to acknowledge Him as God. He let's us have our free will. And when we use it to sin, we grieve God too.

'My people persish for lack of knowledge.' On the judgement day, I want to hear God say 'Well done, good and faithful servant.' Not because I was so great a woman, but because I pointed to Him all the days of my life after He saved me. Let's all do our part helping any people we can that come our way to Not Perish for lack of knowledge; let's share with them life giving water in this sin-parched world : The Gospel. That God so LOVED the world, that he gave His only begotten son to spare us from our many sin's. He Loves this world; I can't always say that I do. Do you? We get sin-weary; we get sick of dealing with our sin. God does not change His mind. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and His word says He does not will for even one to perish. There is much praying to do.

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