Jan 13, 2007

For parents whose chid/ children have ADD/ADHD/ODD diagnoses or those who struggle with impulsivity + innatention, also good for just plain old sin

I haven't posted any tips for parents with kids with the ADD/ADHD/ODD diagnoses lately, so really quickly I want to add these onto the blog ~ having a plan helps tremendously, as these kids need structure and, generally, like to know what exactly is going to happen from 9 am to 2pm during school hours, and also what will happen at night, when will their set shower time, bed time be, etc. The one thing I have left open is not setting an alarm for my son to wake up at a certain time with; he needs a lot of sleep - has trouble falling asleeep and is often lying in bed for awhile- as I hear many of these kids do- and , it is a lot nicer to allow him all the rest he needs.
These ideas work for us ~ purposefully rewarding the child for positive actions: this sounds obvious, but this also involves excessive praising for any self-control, and any obedience. Not in a manipulative way, but to bring balance for the child who most likely often requires plenty of correction because of his impulsiveness and his sin. I think I have said this before, but half a mug of coffee - not decaf- with the other half milk sure helps Ty concentrate if he is really struggling with sticking with school work through to the end; we probably use this help 2 or 3 times in a week. But I would have no problem using it daily as needed. That one came from Easter Seals. I also cannot stress enough how much special, planned mom & child and dad& child if you can get him to do this too, times have been of service to our son and although J. likes them too, there is that extra oomph to them for T. No other way to explain it, but it seems to really help for the school, and regular household living, week. Probably that extra attention & affection again. Also have learned that scheduling your child's tasks so that he/she has plenty of breaks ( take 15 every 30 or every 15if necessary, for example) and opportunities to get out some of all of that physical energy ( run around the block 3 times every hour or do 15/20 jumping jacks,etc.) is *Invaluable!* And making sure we as parent get plenty of rest whenever possible, and a good healthy diet to keep our energy up. All tips I have heard/ been taught by those wiser/ learned on my own over time. Hope they help you, too! ;)

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