Nov 22, 2008

I love this post I read on Girl Talk. The part that really hooked me was,
"no matter the size or shape of your fears, may I encourage you to take them to the foot of the cross?The gospel isn't an out-of-date message; it is the good news of a saving God who is “a very present help in trouble” (Ps. 46:1). So repent from worry and put your trust in the glorious gospel." ....I know, I know, the Spurgeon quote was excellent too but this thought is what will be running through my mind today!

Here is their posting: November 21,2008

Our Mothering Forecast
What’s the future for your kids look like today?

"Perhaps your home is a place of peace and tranquility, your fears as insignificant as gnats to swat away.

Or maybe trials are washing over you like relentless waves. Your anxieties are consuming and overwhelming. They rob you of sleep and plague your waking hours. But no matter the size or shape of your fears, may I encourage you to take them to the foot of the cross?

The gospel isn't an out-of-date message; it is the good news of a saving God who is “a very present help in trouble” (Ps. 46:1). So repent from worry and put your trust in the glorious gospel.

My husband has a Charles Spurgeon quotation as his screen saver, which we would do well to have running across the screen of our minds: “As for His failing you, never dream of it—hate the thought. The God who has been sufficient until now, should be trusted to the end.”

So let our mothering forecast be one of victory and not of defeat. We have the hope of the gospel in our souls." Nov.21,2008 Post

"The gospel isn't an out-of-date message." How many are deceived into believing that it is? How many of us can relate, in honesty, that we(if we can remember being unsaved) can remember being caught up in this lie ourselves?
Folks, if we don't believe that the gospel is true for TODAY, then we won't be able to believe that God has a sovereign plan for our lives TODAY, even if we are believers. That is where my burden lies, most of the time. Even as believers, this lie will leave us swirling in a big sea of anxiety and doubt.

A friend and I were just chatting about Christian Communicator's of PA last night, not sure if you have heard of them or not;they are an apologetics/public speaking/debate club that teaches older children how to articulate and defend their faith intellectually; I say it also gives them an even more solid grounding in their faith, meant to help them in the times when they must stand on their own faith, parent's not in the immediate premises.

We hear about MySpace suicides, children committing suicide after being teased and harassed online... It is truly stalking, on the cyber-level, and I am sure these children are terrorizing their target all day long at school everyday,as well.
Three things flood through my mind when I hear these kinds of stories, "Where were the parents?", "Why didn't the victim tell his/her parent's about what was happening, or did they and not enough was done to protect them?" and "What if this child had, had a strong foundation of faith that was living and active for today, and he/she had all the tools needed in order to scale that seemingly insurmountable mountain of evil- and what if we, the parents, just kept reminding him/her,"Honey, your almost over; keep plugging. Your gonna make it, honey. God is here; He hears you; He sees you. I'm here. I'm going to help you...."
What kind of difference would answering these questions make?

This isn't a post about how parents who have a child who is being bullied should take them out of public school and home school them, nor is this a post about chiding parents for 'not knowing their kid's enough'; I'm not on a soapbox here, unless I am on one to shout out above the rising din of the crowd,"God is here! He sees us! He hears us! He is NOT dead!!" Then, maybe :) lol :)

This IS a post about the gospel- a post about how it ISN'T an out-of-date message;
about how many believe the lie that it is. I was actually just talking to my oldest friend online last week (she is a Pagan today) and she said,"I just don't understand why you people can't get it that the stories in the Bible were written millions of years ago, in a culture that allowed wife-beating and selling kids into sexual slavery to pay off debts, how inconsequential the Bible is for today's world is stunningly obvious, yet you still have people who believe it -"
Well, we had been talking Prop 8 but that conversation took a backseat as we began talking about the gospel. ( And let me not forget to thank God right now for those moments in conversation!)The key here is not rebutting what my friend has said, the real key, I believe is trusting on God to reveal Himself to them when He wants to, how He wants to and praying that if He can use us to help Him out in that, then please do. I did quickly pray in that heartbeat of a moment, and what I said was "Your right, there are many who believe; and I am one of them for a good reason; because it is true- God is alive and well today; He is sovereign and in charge; He spoke to Moses in Moses' day and He is speaking to us today, in our day. he sees us; He hears us." Was that the 'perfect' thing to say? Most likely not, I'm sure something better is out there, but God was glorified and the truth was lifted up so, that was enough for me.

That brief exchange didn't end out talk on politics and world news, we could talk about that stuff all day, but it was a sweet moment- a moment of monumentalness, not because it was such a rare moment, it happens all the time that we disagree, but because it was another moment- at another time- in yet another place- a moment in which God was glorified and no one was made to feel attacked over ther viewpoints; if I dare say so myself (and I do) it was a moment that we will both keep with us for a long time. There was a moment of silence between us after that, that stretched like a beautiful sunset before us. Not an uncomfortable silence, this was a comfortable silence of accepting each other for who we are and of meditating-for one brief moment- on that Truth.

"It is the good news of a saving God who is “a very present help in trouble” (Ps. 46:1). A very present help; that's the gift I wanna give my kids for Christmas this year. That's my mommy forecast for today and for the next several months- cold, clear nights and expect lot's of opportunities for reminding the kid's and yourself that God is indeed a very present help in time's of trouble...."

Whatever the mountain is that they're slowly climbing, I want to encourage them while I climb beside them. I want them to know, to see that I climb, too. No one is at the top, looking down. No one has arrived. I remeber Jill's words to me a few years back, 'Tell Tyler and Joshy, 'Mommy needs a Savior too'," well weren't those words of truth and wisdom!

Some of the sweetest moments with my boys have come on the heels of, during, times when I have been showing them and telling them how much Mommy needs a Savior, just like they do.

"So repent from worry and put your trust in the glorious gospel."
That's right! Worry won't put one hair on our heads but God could pile an entire world full of heads with hair, if He wanted to ;) But I think he has better things in store for us than hair ;) thank goodness :) There is true joy to be found in putting our trust in the gospel. You may be the one who is reading this and already knows that, but there may be one who reads this and thinks "really?" Yes. really! There IS! Why not give it a shot? Heck, youv'e tried everything else. But you haven't given God a fair try yet. What could it hurt? No one has to know, but you and God. Give Him a chance to come into your heart and change you, while no-one's looking. Don't think that He doesn't care for you, or He's too busy. No, no He created you and He is never too busy for one of His children, he say's so himself.
Let me know if you give Him a try and you want someone to pray with you. I won't comment about it here. Send me a private e-mail and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. story for that one, maybe I can tell you about that then too.)

I want to end my hodepodge of a post today with this particular passage of scripture
because it lifts up my soul to Jesus and reminds me yet again of His faithfulness and goodness~

Psalm 66:5-8

"Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miricles He does for His people!
He made a dry path through the Red Sea, and His people went across on foot.
Come, let us rejoice in who He is! For by His great power, he rules forever!
He watches every movement of the nations; let no rebel rise in defiance.
Let the whole world bless our God and sing aloud His praises!"

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