Nov 7, 2008

The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus...

Today I am finally writing one of those posts that I have seen other women write, and never thought that I could ever do as good a job as them with this. The post is a post to honor my husband(hopefully ;) I want you to read this post, Hun, this weekend as I know you will, because this is the weekend that you have sent me away to RI for the whole weekend by myself, to visit with my family and to hold that brand-new, precious baby girl of Barbara's. I will be able to help cook and clean to serve her and her husband,all because you have so selflessly planned to send me there for this time. You have even graciously offered to babysit your niece and my much-loved niece-in-law, little Julia who is just one year younger than Joshua! You have planned to serve, and you will be serving so many people with this weekend giving of yourself and your time to be a blessing :) Thank You, Lover :)

Beyond this one instance of serving, let me 'expose' my husband's growth in the Lord in the past year- I know you don't want me to get too mushy about this, Dear! So, I will do my best to get as mushy as possible about how thankful I am to God for you( that's no sin, is it?), even if you do turn a little pink about the ears ;) Over this past year, my husband has sacrificed every part of his being to help his family; to get us back on track financially, he worked two full-time job's for an entire year(a plan that was supposed to be "only for six months", or so we thought). He worked every moment that he was not sleeping. Even his one daily meal he nuked and ate on break at work over at Wal Mart on 3rd shift. Through all of his hard work, he pulled us out of what was beginning to become a slippery slope for us. He sought counsel on financial matters, cut up credit cards(six is way too many, folks!) and listened to me fully as I poured over our bank statements and sought to bring wisdom about how we, like many other couple's, literally were "nickle and diming ourselves to death" with our bank cards; you know- not Big purchases, just enough Little one's to choke the vitality out of each paycheck's deposit-.) Is it perfect yet? No. But God has always been faithful, and my husband is at his core a teachable and humble man. I want to be like my husband with respects to how he carefully (and with much thought,lol) makes specific plans to address any problem that rises up. He doesn't stick his head in the sand anymore(I'm sure that past tendency had *nothing* to do with my head being So Far out of the sand, it was probably half up his Hmmmm...;) - Hey, you read this blog, you get used to my sense of humor, right? :) Yet instead of hiding from me, even as I grad-uallllly change in some area's of pestering him, he serves our family like a servant leader and I know that God is so, so pleased with your service in this way, Honey ;)

My husband has been my closest friend and counselor in the past two years about spiritual and heart matters. My heart lies fully in his hands, and I can trust it there. He does me noting but good, all of my day's. I used to long for this kind of intimacy with my husband. No more, these days I have more intimacy than I can handle half the time ;) My husband knows me fully, sees me and hears me fully, and he still likes me(most of the time!;)
He humbly seeks to "let me off the hook" with so many of my daily jobs for the house, though he is not ever let off the hook with his jobs he must do at work. He tells me the house doesn't have to be perfect, Hun- just focus on teaching the kid's, that is enough to do for you..." ( I don't know for sure if that's his kindness towards me, or his vote of overconfidence in my abilities? LOL! ;) Just Kidding :) My husband supports our little church on Gregg St. by leading our family into being able to be together much of our time, to be Christian Homeschooler's, to be fed well at our Church and by him, when he leads us in spontaneous discussion's about something he has heard at church or on the radio that touched him.
Tears come to my eyes(Ok,spill out- but I'm Not getting mushy,Hun!)when I think about those times of discussion in the car, or about the house, or even at the mall with the kid's. My little boy's faces, as they look up at their Dad with such earnest anticipation of what he will say, and such appreciation for his counsel and teaching, fills my heart to overflowing. I know that they will find good, Godly substance at my husband's feet. Just as God promised me, He fills my cup to overflowing every day! I feel the same swelling when he leads me with sin I have confessed to him, or with a longing I have begun to place too much importance on.
My husband helps bear my burden and leads me always on the right path; my soul never needs to fear with my husband; he is truly my husband in every way, and we have truly become one ;)

I remember well when my husband and I first met. We were both younger and didn't know the Lord, he raised in a Catholic and Protestant family here in PA, myself having been raised by a Catholic Grandmother & an Atheist Grandfather, having refused to go to church(on grounds of hypocrisy in the church, I would have informed you). That is who we were when God- and I do believe that my husband is a gift to me from the Lord- when He caused us to be in the same place at the same time, and to notice each other, and come together for a night (even if it was for less-than holy reasons ;) I had a rule, friend's: never give a guy you met in a night club your number. Right? We all know that rule! Well, something inside my spirit told me that he was a good guy, and I gave him my number when he asked for it! I couldn't even believe that was me, acting like that! (Believe me, I got chided by my friend afterwards, LOL! ;) Even though we met as we did, and even though we carried on long-distance for 4 years and moved in together without marrying first, resulting in our first child together just a few months later!- God didn't decide that we were no longer worth dealing with; He had his hands all over us from the second we met and all the way up through now. And we know that He will never let us go. God has been the Great Artist of situation's
and He has been at work in us to make all of this happen. The Holy Spirit is changing us. Praise You, Lord!!!

I guess I have embarrassed my husband enough by now ;) so I will end this post now. First, I will say that I am the most blessed wife in our church, in many way's- I know you all think it's you who's the most blessed,Ladies- well, you going to have to share the wealth! ;) I'm off to prepare a lovely Apple Crisp for my love this morning, one of his favorite desserts- to bless him while I am away from him this weekend. I know you will eat half of it for breakfast in a bowl, with milk poured on it, you Silly Goose ;) Love You, Babe! :)


Dani said...

Ok Stacey, you really are back to your old ways with verbose blog entries, but that one was really good. Joel and I are glad to call you guys friends and look foward to seeing you both on Weds nights. It is neat to see how God is growing and changing all of us isn't it-into his image.
Have a great weekend in RI.
See you soon.

Julie V. said...

Stacey ~ this was excellent! I didn't realize you were back into blogging but what a wonderful post about Al. Your love for him and humble gratefulness is so evident!! Enjoy that new baby! ~

The Ruoss Family said...

(I found your blog via Rachel's) What a beautiful testimony to what God has done and is still doing! And you honored your husband so well, no more longings, praise the Lord!! I miss you my friend, we really should get together some time soon, hope you have a great time in RI.
Love, Marie

cb4swife said...

What a beuatiful tribute Stacey! I read it to CB and he was so blessed hearing about Al...we love you guys...Shannon