Dec 10, 2007

Both Saturday and Sunday I had all-day-long training sessions, the kind where you go into the building for class when it's just beginning to light,and when your done with class and come back out of the building,it is dark for night-time...
I learned a lot...
the informational sessions alone are fabulous, never mind all the training I now have(almost)completed...
But man oh man I was ready to *stop* thinking about money and get back to
my family in such a Big Way!;)
Back to my kids, back to to my daily routine with waking up with them
(such a *huge* gift!) and all that happens after that,that endless cycle(or so it seems to be),of homeschooling, playing together, of annoying each-other at times,lol! :),of correction, and of spur-of-the-moment
scripture break-out sessions (Love being able to take time for those!!),
of discipline,and of all of that happening simultaneously...
now *that* is the stuff of life, and I have missed it over the last 2 days!

Isn't it great how God gives perspective? We all have to be good stewards of our money while on this earth,but we long for the things of God~ God's good gifts to us~family,spouses, our children, our church, our friends, just to name the few that I am reminiscing about here ;)

Now, I have been called verbose , and I know that scripture says that it is wise to user *fewer* words in many instances, yet I hope I never get to where I can't wait to get home to talk to my family and friends about what God is up to in my life and in the world... I think it would be a terrible thing if I didn't have a lot to say about how I'm fighting my indwelling sin,it might be as if I didn't think I had any at all or I knew it but didn't want it gone,being a fallen person on earth
who is getting sanctified to get ready for Heaven, I should have a lot to say~ and I do~ Lol!~ I love reading all of your blogs! I love how iron sharpens iron.

I kind of went off on a bunny trail there, didn't I? Lol! But that's Ok, maybe someone who is in the same place as me can be encouraged by how God is working in my life, or someone is farther along than me and can share with me how God is working in their life... I love this stuff!!

Well,I will end this post by thanking God for all of my saved, God-honoring friends that I am so blessed to know (Love you all!!),and for His Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness in so many other ways that He shines on all of our lives...
Happy fellowship with God today! :) XO

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Heather said...

His stacey!! Sorry I have been SO busy!! I wanted to stop by and say hey :) I love your heart for is so fresh and encouraging.