Oct 31, 2007

We had such a fun time 2nite passing out church invitations and the How good are you? booklets to the little kiddies & their parents... we attatched little Butterfingers, of course ;) and some shiny curly ribbon ;) and we were thrilled to see how positive our neighbors reactions were to us attaching church invites and gospel literature to the candies. We only had one person comment negatively, and they did not give their booklet or invatation back. Thank you God, for that!
The pumpkins we scooped out and Alan carved beautiful crosses and fish into turned out very nice, and they looked lovely glowing away on our porch. I am so proud of Tyler and Josh for sharing the gospel message the way that they did. Tyler can be very articulate in sharing about God with other kids at times, and Joshua is so friendly and pure, so unassuming, that he does not even contemplate the possibility that someone might not want to hear about Jesus. I thank You God, for my children's hearts! I thank You that You are ever at work in their hearts :)

After we had talked to our neighbors and ran out of candy bundles ;) we headed out to Chuck E Cheese, where our kiddos had a great time and did not miss trick-or-treating at all. They even got to have plenty of candy, and soda ;) So I will be brushing their teeth extra good tonight,Lol! before bedtime and that is late 2nite,'cuz they are allowed 2 stay up and watch The Master of Disguise (one of our favorite family movies) until it is over.

I sure hope that you had a great night, and that you shared God's love for all His people with the one's around you ;) I am so blessed to know that many of you did. Your examples are such blessings to me and my family :)

xoxo's ! <3 Stacey

Our Pumpkins :)

Alan & I :)

Joshua and Shannon playing a game together :)

Tyler and I :)

Gracie spent about 20 minutes going down this slide! ;)

Gracie on the horsie ride :)

Gracie kissing the glass :)

Me and a couple of my girlfriends :)

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