Oct 9, 2007

Part 3? of my ongoing poem(?) obviously, written over time...lol....

...Oh Lord and I saw You sitting on Your holy mountain...clothed in splendor, power and strength the likes of which I have never seen, oh but Your eyes were kind and gentle as a lamb, You are the greatest and kindest king... I stand in awe of You, oh Lord!
...You stretch out Your hand, You beckon me to join Your banquet.The banquet of the Lord. Oh Lord, I am unworthy...I call out Your name, my voice making no sound, and yet You hear every word."I am not a worthy servant"...I fall to Your feet... in Your eyes pass by every idle word, every useless thought, all of the missed opportunities to serve You...oh Lord,"Forgive me for all of my sins..." and yet there too, is Your redeeming blood, the blood of Jesus, covering us all!

...We are unworthy; You are utterly worthy!
...We are filled throughout with sin; You are alltogeather holy!
Great is the Lord, and most worthy of our praise!
...That He would even offer to pardon us, a people unworthy to see His face...

...Even though the Earth will give away, a fortress will we always have,in the city of the Lord, as we have heard~ on His holy mountain~ where He dwells with a marriage feast waiting for us!

... With an outstretched hand He welcomes home His wayward sons and daughters,
"Abba Father!" we cry; it is finished He said, taking away all of our stains... here we stand with the Father, washed white as snow...He shares His bread with us...He shows us His holy land... here there will be no more tears He says, no death, no poverty! Here is where the angels sing, along with us; a thousand years but a breath while we worship Him!!Now the dwelling of Godf is with men,and He will live with them. He is making everything new! Look!, as the scars heal from your skin. See, as your eyes are attuned anew. Trust, as your broken heart is mended before your eyes!Down unto your knees, as your sin is vanqueshed from you, your ransom paid in full.. a servant comes who is God's own son, fierce obedience in His eyes. A sinner condemned to death stand I, you looked upon me with pity in Your eyes... ransomed from the pit I stand, a work of the Father's hands!... You called my name, no sweeter a voice than all of histories sweetest to give...

....Write down these words on your heart, for they are Trustworthy and True... it is done!He said, I am the Alpha and the Omega, beginning, the end~ to him who is thirsty, I will give to drink, without cost, from life he will drink...Amen! Come Father, come, for all of us who are left. The grace of the Lord Jesus be with us, forever and ever! Amen!!!!!!


Heather said...

"...ransomed from the pit I stand, a work of the Father's hands!... You called my name, no sweeter a voice than all of histories sweetest to give..." this was my favorite part :)

staceyhoff said...

thanks :)