Oct 6, 2007

"Above all things have fervent love for one another, for 'love will cover a multitude of sins" 1 Peter 4:8

Isn't this just what God's love did for all of us? His great love,vast enough to send His one and only son to die as a ransom for a sinful people,isn't that what was the power that conquered the darkness and opened up the way to be saved for all who wish to be saved,His great love covering a multitude of sins? Our sins!

I am learning at church that Love really is the only thing that can conquer darkness~ it does it's job like pouring holy water on the demon creatures in silly science fiction shows does ;)I like those shows by the way,Lol...

BUT, my point in coming on to post again 2day is, I have gone to God in prayer and humility,confessed my sin to my husband and my sister, and asked both of their forgiveness. They were both very humble and gave it freely. It's good when you can do that; fight and then drop it fairly quickly, though, it surely is best of all not to fight at all. Sometimes though, between sinful people (and aren't we all!)this is bound to happen. Hopefully, less and less and time goes on,as I grow in humility I am bound to care less and less what insult befalls me, or what insult I imagine is befalling me, and I will become,slowly,closer to Christ in His likeness,by the transforming of my mind,the daily crawl of sanctification. It's a good thing that God does not expect us to grow too much too fast!! ;)

I am on here posting because I want to publicly(as 'public' as this blog gets,lol!)but publicly/openly and freely thank God for His patient work in me, not just today but everyday~ pouring out His grace all the more, and more, and more as I need it,especially today as I prayed and prayed for Him to make me a Peacemaker...I don't think I am naturally a Peacemaker, I don't dislike conflict, and it does serve it's purpose and it is necessary sometimes, but I want to become a better biblical Peacemaker in times of conflict. God is so faithful; I know He will complete His good work in me that He began! (Thanks, Jill!) xoxo's <3 Stacey

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