Sep 10, 2007

This post is a continuation of my March 25, 2007 post ~

Part 2

There is something up ahead! There is a warmth, I can feel it, radiating off of this golden city in the hills. There is a brightness; it is shining. The hue is pure sunshine, more than sunshine, the love of God~ it radiates all around this place. I see them! Castles in the sky, I see chapels, I see churches, I see God's influence everywhere...His love...His mercy...His joy. It is all there! My pace slows, I want to stop, to take it all in; His grip gently tightens around my fingers and He continues to lead me on. I am struck speechless, thoughtless, my chest withstanding a blow that I cannot comprehend. This beauty, this love~ like nothing Earth could ever be, this holiness, we could never be this good. There is no sin there, I can feel it. No pain. No suffering. No death!! I am quickening my pace now, the grounds warm under my bare feet. I want to get there! Hurry up!! Laughing, I start to run. There is a joy unspeakable rising up within me; I do feel like dancing! Laughing along with me, Jesus runs along beside me , His grin wide, His face radiant,loving. "He is here! The father! Your father!!" He says, smiling broadly. His arm is outstretched, welcoming me to this great, celestial city. I am crying now, I can feel the hot tears spilling out of my eyes and travelling down my face, dropping off my chin, but they are happy tears, tears of joy!~ I know that I am home!
The path leads uphill towards a welcoming court, with a well there and people all around it, believers fellow shipping. I break free from His hand and run up as fast as I can to meet them. There are smiling faces of every color, age and sex everywhere! The well is a shining gold; the sign hanging above it says, in shining sapphire blue, "Let anyone who wishes take the water of life as a gift." [Rev 22.17]I extend my hand to the first person I get to, a woman with kind eyes, and she envelopes me in a welcoming hug instead. "Come!" she says, "He is here!..." and she is pointing towards the crest of another hill up above us....


Heather said...

Stacey :) this was beautiful. One day it will all be real...PTL.

Hey...I grew up very near Wyomissing :)My husband grew up in WestLawn. Did you go to Gov.Mifflin? Were you always in the Shillington area? is your friend...I have been praying and wondering about an update on her situation. ((hug))heather

Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful!, but I can't find the beginning of the post on 3/25/2007. Are you continuing this story? ...I can't wait to read the end!

staceyhoff said...

Hi anonymous, :)

I am continuing this....whatever it is... story, I guess! I am enjoying it whatever it is; it's just heartfelt moment s that well up as I am praying sometimes;I don't really know when the next vision is going to come and I try to scribble it all down before I forget it...though, I don't think I could really forget it :)
(But one never knows, with my brain!)

Thank You for saying that you enjoyed it; I am so glad. I am most certainly enjoying it myself!

I went back to 3/25/07 myself to find that first part of this "story" but your right ~ it wasn't there, so I went into February and tracked that month forward into March; if you click on Februaury in the blog archive thingie and go to the very end of the first page that opens up, and click on 3/1/07- 4/01/07 on the very bottom of the page then it is there on the new page that opens up, under the pic slideshow in the middle-ish of the page.


Sorry about that; I tried to cut and paste it for you but for whatever reason my computer doesn't wanna let me do that this morning. I hope you find it, though. It's pretty short, but God is so wonderful even 1 paragraphs- one sentances!- One words!- worth of time spent basking in His glory is better than 100, rich and famous rock-star days on this planet! :)