Sep 8, 2007

I loved this tonight from A Lily Among The Thorns blog:
Check check check it out! ;)

There is no more shame in me in being honest about what I was and where I came from, because I know what the Lord has done in me. The old me is dead, and the new me that is in Christ is the one who is alive today. God did not save me and bless me in so that I can keep it to myself, He redeemed me so that I can testify to the world about His saving grace! And so I will faithfully proclaim to everyone who asks what He has done for me and in me.

Great Stuff!!! xoxo's



Stacy, hope you have a wonderful Lord's Day. The Lord has done so much for me. I was saved when I was 11 years old but I was a sinner and it took the grace of God to save me. I share with all that I can what God has done for me and how He has brought me thus far. connie from Texas

Heather said...

I love true. :) I love sharing about the Grace of God...Amen sister!

Lily said...

Hey! Thanks so much for the link :D I am so honoured! Your comments are always so encouraging. Thank you!!!