May 28, 2007

What a busy few days! My sister has been visiting us, whom if you don't know this already has never been able to visit with us or anyone else in our family (due to foster care regulations on her and my other sister's cases)and we have all missed them being in our lives terribly. Long story short, We have not been able to even write them, or talk to them on the phone. But by God's goodness, mercy and grace, I managed to hunt them down on my own - with lot's of prayer- in 2002 through the state agaency they were placed out of. Since then I have been able to talk with them on the phone and exchange letters, but not exchange photos, with the exception of a 7 month period in 2006 when I lost contact with them (due to their being moved out of one family and into another which happened to be a family that did not want the girls encourages them to talk to me and know me! Yay! God is so faithful, and so good!

My husband has lovingly taken a couple days off from work and has been faithfully escorting all of us to various places-o-fun all over the area~ Hershey's Chocolate World on Friday, Knoebels Family Amusement Park on Saturday, Cabela's yesterday(that one was a huge sacrifice for we have been very busy and very tired, and have made a lot of good memories. Today,since it's Memorial Day,Al's parents are kidnapping us for a family lunch at their home.Free food and family fun. Bah! Just kidding, we always have a good time there :) And this will be their first time meeting my sister, who I happily get to parade around introducing her to everyone! ;) I can't wait until my younger sister(17 now) turns 18 in August because then she will be able to come and visit me, too :)

We have been sharing so many memories and laughs. There have been tears too, and working through some very wounded feelings and askew ideas due to some difficult situations,but we have kept it all firmly on the foundation of the gospel and it has set everything that was backwards, straight, whatever was upside-down, right-side up. He has been redeeming us all for some time now, and his faithfullness and mercy are all over our lives, and He is so glorified in our hearts! The sister who is here was just baptised in the Fundamentalist Baptist church she attends with her fiancee and his family in Virginia, and although she is currently pursuing a teaching degree she is feeling pulled towards doing some missionary work wherever God would want to place her int his world. Help me pray that she snd her fiancee hear His will for their lives clearly?

I could go on and on about how great it is to have my sisters back in my life, but I will spare you my ramblings on ;) Instead I will just say that I am bursting with praises for the father right now and what a testimony our lives are to His grace. I was once alienated from Him by choice, and seeking my own way like a spolied child full of self-will and stubborn pride. But he has intervened in my life and in Alan's-and in my sisters life- and He is displaying the glorious power of the unstoppable gospel in us. I can't stop proclaiming His miricales, power and His goodness!!!


Free In Christ said...

What a wonderful time with your family. God is so faithful.


Stacy, I am so happy for you. I heart is just singing for I know God is working in all of your lives. May God work all things out for you and your family. Wonderful news. connie from Texas

Heather Smith said...

"but we have kept it all firmly on the foundation of the gospel and it has set everything that was backwards, straight, whatever was upside-down, right-side up. He has been redeeming us all for some time now"
Those words just say it all! I'm so glad to know that God is there in each and everyone of different circumstances working His redeeming work in our lives! Thank you so much for sharing this! Praise the Lord!

Maddie's Momma said...

Hi Stacey! I didn't know this story about you and your sisters! How kind of God to allow you to get back in contact with one another--not only sisters by blood but now sisters in Christ--how exciting! So glad to hear you are enjoying your time with her!

julie said...

oh stacey! how wonderful for you to enjoy the sweet time with your sisters! i am so glad you have connected with them. God is faithful and so good. i am so happy for you! love, julie