May 16, 2007

Two lines of Robert Frost's poem have been ruminating with me ~
But knowing that way leads on to way,I doubted that I should ever come back.
This poem can be read as an analogy for the Christian life.
Or 'the other life'~ the one where we are separating ourselves from God and only knowing what this world has to offer (which we all know is not very much!) There are people who I care deeply about who are taking 'the other way' right now. And as Frost wrote, way really does seem to lead on to way and it becomes like a web we are stuck in, maybe so sticky with the world's philosophies that we can't or don't want to come back to our father-creator. I am praying for those who are lost today, those I know and those I don't, maybe you will join me and we will beseech God together? He is such a faithful God, there is no telling what He can do in this world, in people's hearts.

Just yesterday I was at 'the train park' as Joshy likes to call it
(this park has train tracks right near it ;) and I got to talking with a younger woman there with her 3y.o. daughter~ a smile in greeting when she arrived at the park was all it took. (I thank God for the courage to even reach out in that way, if you know me you know I used to be even more introverted than I am now, and would have probably kept to my own little corner of the park a few years ago. God's grace has been working in me.) Yesterday I prayed for the courage to give her an invitation and siezed that opportunity to talk to her about what a difference God has made in our lives and what a good church we have found (she had been complementing Ty on his kind behavior with the younger children at the park- so encouraging.)It turned out that they had just tried a church and kind of liked it but were still looking for one just to be sure, and this girl had been a student at the school and was very interested in a church meeting there. See how God is always working??? Amazing! You never, never know what God knows about a person's heart~ I would have never guessed that she was looking for a church. I have also had experiences where people were hostile about God, but you know what, even in those moments the very least they leave us with is another impression of a happy Christian, in love with God, and with a happy family. They can't deny those facts that they see with their own eyes.

Thank You God for your grace to save us and our families, while there are so many lost, Lord why us?? I don't even want to think about what life would be like without the Lord. I have had my share of it, and it wasn't truly good. Thanks for joining me in prayer today! <3

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