May 6, 2007

My son gave me such a nice complement today! He told me that he can see me trusting God more than my own abilities lately. That was such an encouragement to me! Especially lately feeling like I am doing the opposite of trusting God, a lot! I am so thankful for my son learning to encourage others in Christ, and to bring me encouragements as well as rebukes from the word of God at times- and not disrespectfully, but in the spirit of love God demands as we as Christians learn to spur one another on to good deeds. He is growing in the Lord and that too is very encouraging! Al also mentioned that I have been especially quiet lately when I am with him ( Ha ha ha ha !) and I am taking that as a complement because it means Iv'e not talked to him as much about things I could be complaining about as I have given them to God, and he is noticing a change in me even as small a change it is. How kind of God to give me today and such encouragements throughout this day! I was feeling discouraged about prayer, and not being thankful for some unanswered prayers, even doubting that God would hear my prayers in certain areas because of my sinfullness in those areas. But today in church I was one of the extra weary souls who found refreshing there. I was reminded of how lost I was and how God reached down deep into my own pit to pluck me from darkness. And, of how I am a saved sinner now, planted by and drinking deeply from a stream of God's grace, for His glory. Yes, imperfect as I am, He still pours out mercy and love! and yes, is even willing to hear and consider my prayers, imperfect as they are! Jesus always interceding for me, I find God's favor over my life and see it all the more clearly when I am most aware that I Do Not Deserve It! Thank You God for a day of encouragement, and for helping me to be self-controlled and to rely on you and not myself. I am just learning this but the people who live closest to me are still noticing it, and that is to God's glory! Lasting change will take place because God said He would complete what he has began in me. He is good when He does not answer prayer just as he is good when he does. There were many times, I am certain, that people looked upon my life at different times and wondered what God was going to do with me, and when he was going to do it? Today I was reminded that He is always working in His timing and it was good to be reminded of that. Not just for encouragment to myself, but to remind me that He is working in every one of His son's and daughter's around me and sanctifying them too, in His own ways and in His own timing. Thank You, God!

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Good post Stacy, and good for you. You are growing and that what God wants for all His children. Thanks for sharing with us. connie from Texas