Apr 29, 2007

Sorry for not posting: Al went into the ER last Sunday night but it turned out he was fine. We didn't know that for sure until he had undergone a colonoscopy they needed to complete Tuesday afternoon, and he had to be home all day Monday and Tuesday ( Mon. to drink the horrible drinks all day & 'flush out', Tues. to get the procedure done.) He could not eat at all after lunch Monday until Tuesday dinner time. So, it has been a busy week! Praise God, he is fine and there seems to be no signs of anything out of the ordinary- just a little irritation.

The kiddos and I are travelling this week; we will be in RI to visit my family up there all week. Please pray for safe travel. Lord willing, we will be back home late Friday night full of memories and little shore mementos. I wonder what Grace will think of checking out sand for the first time? She will probably eat it!Last time we visited, grace was not walking yet so this will be a much more exciting visit.
The kids are very excited, as am I. I love being able to get away like this to see them, and see what their needs are over there. God has been (is) so Good.

Some of you who read this blog and I didn't get a chance to talk with you Saturday at the Ing's - know that I wanted to :) Grace just didn't get a nap all day ( and it was a hectic day, going from errand to errand) and had barely fallen asleep in the car, when I had to get her out and sneak us all in in time for the surprise. You know how that is! She was just tired and needed to rest, so we had to go.
All of the children there were so adorable! How it is that we have all the cutest kids int he world right at our church??? Well, I'm sure we're missing a few! ;)

God bless you and have a great week.


Briana Almengor said...

Thanks for visting my blog. Audrey is a dear friend and wonderful woman of God. I'm glad you have her to "do the dailies" with.

Dani said...

Have a great trip Hoffman gang! I hope to be feeling better and back at church this sunday. I am glad that Al is alright. Those trips to the ER are always so nervous. Will be praying for you guys this week.
<3 (ha ha) Danielle

samantha louise said...

I admire your faith :)


Stacy, Have a safe and very good trip. It is good to be back over visiting with you and I wanted to say thank you for praying for me while I was sick this past week. connie from Texas