Dec 9, 2006

So, I finally got some cute Christmas decorations out on our porch to replace the pumpkins and gourds that, well, really needed replacing as it is now December ;)
Been cleaning out junk drawers (and 'junk-attic') today, and coming across mementos and other stuff that jogged so many memories.

Makes me think harder about what memories we really want to instill in our children's hearts for Christmas Day. Al had a really cute idea, making Jesus a birthday cake and putting 33 candles on it ( we have also heard 36, anyone know ?) anyways, that would really light up our kitchen for the holiday! And it would be a cute way to focus the attention where it belongs once again, and get cake while we're at it ;)

We love the idea of an Advent calender; It seems like every day for every year of our lives should be another window to open on the way closer and closer to being our Father forever. As I hung things outside, I was careful to put out only things that would remind our dear neighbors and anyone else who might drive by our house about Christ.

I hope that our lives, in some small way, can point to Christ. This is a much more
important ~ and costly, and worthy~ testament to God's power in the lives of believers than anything I could put out on the porch or around the house. And speaks louder than even the sweetest reminder of Jesus on the nicest Christmas cards I could find. On page 87 of Noel Piper's wicked cool ( that's my shout out to Rhode Island right there) book Treasuring God in our Traditions, she suggests some questions to consider that can help us prepare for Christmas day~

* Am I my father's child? ... Do I Resemble Him In My Generosity? ( Always working on this!)

* Am I focusing on God's gift so that my appreciation in Him grows? ( This Is A Great Question!)

* Can others see why I am celebrating?

* Am I Celebrating Christ?

I am so happy to know so many folks who are, and will be, celebrating Christ this Christmas and who do celebrate Christ all year 'round. I just love our church more and more every year!!
If it were not for the teaching we receive at CCC, I would not be wondering if my life speaks about God's power in the lives of even us sinners. I would be deluded, thinking my life doesn't mean anything to anyone. But our lives do speak. Even mine! The fact that God can use a sinful people to glorify His name is amazing but that is just what God is, isn't He ?!? ... AMAZING!!

Also on page 87 , Psalm 63:3-8 ~

Because Your Steadfast Love Is Better Than Life ,
My Lips Will praise You!
So I Will Bless You As Long As I Live;
In Your Name I Will Lift My Hands.
My Soul WILL Be Satisfied As With Fat And Rich Food,
And My Mouth Will Praise You With Joyful Lips,
When I Remember Upon My Bed,
And Meditate Upon You In The Watches Of The Night;
For You HAVE BEEN My Help ,

If you are not saved, consider coming home to the Father for Christmas...
everyone reading is welcome to attend our church's Christmas Eve service 10a.m.
at the Govenor Mifflin Middle School. Come and sit with our family!


Dani said...

Hi Stacey,
Thanks for the reminder to really strive to make Christmas about Christ. We love having birthday cake for baby Jesus, the kids sing so loudly to him, and I believe that God is glorified in their heartfelt adoration of Him

Maddie's Momma said...

Great post Stacey! Isn't Noel Piper's book great? Its been so helpful to spur me on towards making memorable and God-centered traditions for our kiddos! xoxo