Dec 6, 2006

Ruffles...Yummm .... *Sigh*

Ok, so I didn't have such great self-control last night while I ate an entire bag of Ruffles chips!
*Sigh* ... why did I have to choose this topic, anyways?? I should really get back to looking at my idols a bit more... lol

Well, today has been 'one of those days' again and God is faithful, there has not been a whole lot of lecturing or raised voices and it is pushing 3:00, small (?) mirical in itself. There has been much provocation and much disobedience, so God is getting a lot of glory in the Hoffman household today.

Did not get any chances to read any last night or today so far, and a quiet -time will have to wait for tonight , but one scripture has been in my mind all day ~ Thank You, God~ " For there is no greater love than this, He gave us his life for His friends."

I love my children, and am so blessed to have them!

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