Nov 2, 2006

It's 9:23 and I have already had my share of my rebellious son's bucking and snorting against any and all authority. You see, morning personal clean-up and chore-time is not a fun time in my house for my eleven year old, who handles it worse than my four year old who prefers to just get the un-fun stuff he has to get done out of the way as soon as possible, so he can get back to the important things in life everyday... his Thomas train table and Monster Truck collection. Yes, my older child has a room full of toys as well, but they - or avoiding discipline- are no match for his ever-persistant urges to argue his case and resist authority over him. You see, my son is unsubmissive. The only reason I share this and other examples about this particular son is because I want you parents to see what O.D.D. looks like in every day life. This bent towards arguing and resisting authority is built right in, like custom shelving... that you'd rather return. Yes we all have built in sin, but these kids have an Extra Dose of rebelliousness!
It IS exhausting. But, if your a parent who finds herself in this same situation right now, with O.D.D living in your house and feeling unequipped to go through these rigors each day, let me share somthing with you ~ we deserve hell. And we are not getting it!! I don't know about you, but this knowledge sure puts things in perspective for me! YES, it is challenging, but YES, there is a God who Saves and is full of mercy towards the sinners. If we ask him, he will tie his cords of love to our sons and daughters and never let them loose! THANK YOU, GOD!! You see, I *know* that my son is going to beat this 'bent', and I know that he will be a godly young man when he is older because God said that if I am faithful to teach him God's ways then he will not depart from them when he is older. Right now is the battelfield of parenting sometimes but mostly it is the fun times of game playing, joking around, playfully teasing each other and taking walks and making comic books together that make up our lives together, and when it does feel like a battelfield remember to pray- PRAY! Our children are not the enemy satan is and he is a defeated foe. And have a gentle hand with your children, as God has with us- parenting us he is always so gentle, yet firm. Let's pray for the Lord to make us all parents just like him!! Amen!!

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