Nov 4, 2006

Good morning ! I'm out in RI with the kids visiting family this weekend, so I won't be posting anything untill I get back on Tuesday... I know, I know, I'm breaking your hearts, right?! There goes your whole weekend!! LOL!!!! ~ but before I go I must thank God for keeping us safe on the drive and for our family here. And my husband, for making sure the car was safe and putting on new windshield wipers and Rain-Ex wiper fliud in. The children and I are blessed by him, as well. And gramps~ thanx for topping off my tires with air and uncle Dennis~ for telling me I need to clean off my engine. The men always take such good care of us! Thank You God for the men!!! Oh Yes, and Thank You God for Portable DVD Players that hook up to the car lighter, and you don't even have to buy a fancy car to get. The boys were loving watching movies the whole ride here! I reccomend these to anyone! You just hook them up onto the backs of the front seats! ....Hope y'all have a Great weekend!! <3 Stacey

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