Apr 10, 2009

This seems like a good morning to update this blog.

It's the day before Ressurection Sunday and the kids and I are going to celebrate today and tommorow that Jesus was crucified by men, at the allowance of God- how surprised those men were when the Heaven's ripped open and the Earth trembled, and they
suddenly knew that this man was indeed GOD'S son!

How aware of his powerlessness the devil was when Jesus would not give into temptation to take the easy way out, and when Jesus submitted to even crucifixition, all the while trusting that His Father had a plan- and He did!

We are thanking God today for fathering His creation in such magnificent selflessness, thanking Jesus for His obedience that helped save, thanking God for leaving the Spirit to be our help because Jesus couldn't stay.

Magnificent Mercy to bring many son's and daughter's to glory!

We will be praying today that God might do a work in our hearts to love mercy even more, to see it's power above all evil with even clearer sight. Trusting God with my oldest, praising God for all He's done in our lives and in other's lives, thanking God for the church and His commitment to us, sinful humanity falling on the mercy of a great Savior. Thank you God for Your redemptive plan and all of Your other provisions for believers all over the Earth, You show Your mercy and love again and again, and again, and again!!!
Happy Easter to you and yours! <3

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