Oct 3, 2007

We had such a fruitful, spirit-filled prayer meeting tonight at our churches office building. God was so faithful to meet us there! So merciful on us in our confessions of our weaknesses as he always is; so loving in His kindness to bless us with growing humility in seeing and feeling our weaknesses and reveling in His power, made perfect in our weakness!~Thank You, Lord!~

My husband so blessed me afterwards by revealing to our pastor and me that he had a strong vision during the prayer meeting of himself being in a big toy store, in the isle that held all his favorite things, and he was clutching a toy that he wanted really badly,that he was crying over,saying"I want it! I want it! No Please, I Have To Have This Toy!!" And God was holding out an open hand towards him like "C'mon, let's go...I have an even better plan for you...! " instead of reprimanding, our God is so patient and so loving, just reminding us of how He Has A Better Plan For Us, even when we cannot see it~ Thank You, God! It is true! We Love you, Lord!!

On a totally unrelated note.... I am so looking forward to the revealing of the Top Chef 2nite at 10:00! I sure hope it's not Casey. Sorry Casey, but....imo, your not the Top Chef in this duo. Well, I guess this isn't totally unrelated... we can thank God for entertainment,too! Thank You God for Top Chef! Thank You for another day to breathe and live and serve You, and even get to watch Top Chef! Thank You for all of Your kindnesses!!

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