Sep 3, 2007

I had been thinking about the irony,freedom never being free,for a few days now and now that I have seen Heather's post about it on her blog,Just Laugh, I now am inspired to really actually post about it.Lol ;)

My thoughts have been about how costly our freedom from the sin we love to choose is; God's only son had to suffer, bleed and die for our transgressions. There is a lot of support out there going out to the soldiers in Iraq and surrounding areas, but not enough. And there is never enough accolade going out to Jesus Christ, either. Our soldiers are protecting the freedom of our country; what they do is invaluable to us all. They are truly our heroes. But what God planned, what HE did, NOT ONE OF US could do= not the most powerful man or woman you can think of, not the religious groups, not the witches and the warlocks, not the satanists- not anyone, none of these who some of think they are so powerful and profess power to anyone who will listen. Only God could save a man or woman from their own sinfullness, and for His wisdom and sacrifice, I am forever indebted. We all are. I just have felt the need to send some proper credit where credit is due to God, the true hero of our country~ maybe hang out a big cross next to the yellow ribbons lining our tree's? God worked, and He is still working, to save us! Yay!! Thank You, God!!!

2 Peter 3:9 ~ "The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is PATIENT TOWARD YOU, NOT wishing for any to perish BUT for ALL to come to repentance." I love this scripture, don't you?!!!! ( easy one to love, LOL!! ;)


Becky said...

Hi Stacey, I am a friend of Heather's and was just noticing your story on her comment about your friend dying. That has got to be very hard especially on her two little boys. I will definitely be praying. Your blog also touched me....I was glad to read it and the stress I've been dealing with definitely went away while reading this post.

God Bless,

Heather said...

(((Stacey))) thank you for sharing on my blog. I love that we can offer up prayers in true Christian love for those that we don't know on this side of eternity. I will be glad to meet them in Glory. This post was so encouraging..2 Peter 3:9...oh yes, easy to love :)-heather