Sep 15, 2007

God is so faithful!

This has to be short, because my family is awakening much earlier than expected on this Saturday morning, and I need to go hurry up and make pancakes to feed this crowd that we have here :), but I wanted to at least update quickly how God has been continuing to work in our lives, specifically in the process of praying obout whether I should go back to working again, and there has been a change in my husbands feelings; last night he came to me and told me that he will get up early this morning to go an ask someone he knows in the field about getting a part-time job,a second-half of third shift job that he can do and continue on into working 7a.m. till whenever his jobs are done for his current employer. This would be a lot for him, and I would feel a bit sad having him have to do this much extra work,but I am so pleased that he would consider unselfishly putting all of his desires and I am sure some needs aside,to take care of my best interests and to 'lay down his life for his friend's this way. I have been crying throughout the days the last two days, here and there (nothing major, not saying I have been all Emo-lol- I have just had a couple little tears spring up now and again),when I have gotten to thinking about being away from my little one's for several hours each day, several days a week. I don't desire to put undue stress on my husband, as I am tempted to fear for his health often, and I have to continually take these concerns to the Lord and pray for him and repent of this fearfulness,but this stress would not be undue~ it has to fall on someone~ and if it falls on me, it may or may not be a lot of stress on our little family. My husbands sacrificial love in getting up this morning and going to ask this man if he will give him more work, so that I don't have to leave my home and my children to work, is a warmth in my heart and yet another testimony of God's faithfulness and love in our lives!


"I have read the lives of many eminent Christians who have been on earth since the Bible days. Some of them, I see, were rich, some poor. Some of them were learned, some unlearned. Some of them were Episcopalians, and some were Christians of other denominations. Some were Calvinists, and some were Armenians. Some have loved to use a liturgy, and others used none at all. But one thing, I see, they all had in common. They all have been men of prayer."
Thank You God, for leading my husband to pray and for Your blessings to us through Your breathed-out Word, Godly friends and Advisers and for the great sanction of Marriage, in which a Husband and a Wife make up a team, helping one another press toward that ultimate goal~ pursuing Heaven~ while taking care of the matters of life here, together, making the path clear for each other, and one always picking the other one up should they stumble and fall. Amen!

Hipe you all have a great Saturday :)


cb4swife said...

Thank you Stacely for ahring all the Lord has been doing in your family. You have inspired me to pray more...I often forget how powerful of a tool prayer is. Also it has been neat witnessing your mommies heart for your kiddos. Your desire to stay at home with them is great...and more importantly brigns delight to your Savior! I am praying for all the Hoffs...keep us posted! Love in Christ...Shannon Eder

Audrey said...

Praise God Stacey for the way that you have been seeking the Lord's will through prayer with have patiently awaited His answer and are such a picture of a woman who desires to glorify the Lord by submitting to her husband's leadership..thank you:) And Alan is caring for you all so well...your heart to be with you kiddies is such a testimony of God's grace in you...How kind God is to us to give us the blessing of being home with these precious gifts!!! Thanks for sharing so specifically...God Bless you....Audrey

Heather Smith said...

Praying that God will send all of you the right answer and give you perfect peace about this situation!!!