Aug 8, 2007

No Longer Waiting To Exhale ...

Indeed! God is an Awesome God!! His grace covers our transgressions, His mercy knows no ends. Trying to keep in the habit of preaching the gospel to myself, as our church faithfully teaches us to do, I thought first thing this morning that I'd seek God later on especially about the 'works mentality' that us women seem to be so prone to fall under. As Free In Christ put it,(and you really got me thinking, girl!,)"Only if I've done more good than bad can God possibly be with me."
Ohh how it is so easy to fall into this trap for us. I dare to say that Satan knows this can be a weakness for us, and tempts us with this lie especially!

As God so ofetn does,( thank you, Holy Spirit)just as my time to pray and read had come at hand, I had put on a worship cd and went off to grab my bible and when I returned, Grace was standing up tinkering with the cd player!(she was asleep just a few moments prior)and she had apparently already re-arranged my cd of choice with another from a different spot, so the cd 'If I lead, will she follow?' by Pete Greasley, (one cd in a series from The Quest conference our church hosted in January)was beginning to play and I quickly realized that he would be talking about just this, and other temptations common to us women, from the perspective of men for leading their wives spiritually of course. Well,I had to listen! From this wonderful recording, a few nuggets of gold: When we feel we have failed, or like "Only if I've done more good than bad can God possibly be with me", we must preach the gospel to ourselves and say It is allright, because Jesus made it alright.
This is who we are in Christ: We ARE free! We are accepted by God!
He see's his son when He looks at us, from the east to the West He has thrown our transgressions, and not just once, but His mercies are new everyday. We have the great gift of repentance and a merciful, loving God. He doesn't look on us and check to see if we failed at being more good than bad today,he looks on us and loves us- He see's His son.

Women also fear. We need faith for the present and faith for future grace. In Peter 1 God says this for Sarah:" Do not fear anything that is frightening..."
the home, the children, the finances, the marital relationship. Don't fear it, He says. "The Lord is for us, He will be faithful, He is sovereign over all, behind everything that happens to us there is a sovereign God who will bring it to His glory and His goodness."

Then he says, with this preaching of the gospel to your wife(and/or us preaching it to ourselves),we may come to Know,and to Trust,God. "Then, she can come to a place of 'Ahhhhhh' , a place of exhaling, because you have taught her to trust in God, not in you alone(or other people, or things, alone)but IN GOD."
I love that! That's why we, Christian Ladies,are not Waiting to Exhale , because we have already come to that place of 'Aaaaahhhhh!" :) Thank You, God!!!

Psalms 125:1 " Those who trust in the Lord are as secure as Mount Zion; they will not be defeated but will endure forever."

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Dawn said...

Great thoughts this early morning hour.