Jun 25, 2007

After posting that last post, I thought about it and decided that I would go onto MySpace and copy and paste that conversation that I had with the lead singer of "BHFJ" on here so that all of us mommies who happen to come across these posts can see just what "BHFJ" and other bands and groups sometimes have 'up their sleeves' so to speak when dealing with out children. You never know what the singers/ leaders believe fully unless you really investigate and pray over your child's entertainment choices... I pray that we are all Proverbs 31 women in this way and we are well aware of all that goes on in/ with our households....

( Imperfect witnissing, I know. Hey, I tried!)...

wow I don't really understand what your shtick is for your band, or why your doing this kind of thing , but umm. yeah. I think it's really offensive and sorry but I can't approve you to be a friend of mine. Thanks for the offer though. I love God and that is waaaaay too much to handle.
~ Stacey

you are a part of God, respectfully. But it's okay. Not everyone can take a joke. Christians can be pretty sensitive. Mostly because of the guilt that comes with claiming it. Do you really think that finding humor in religion is something that will eventually land you in some mystical imaginary land of fire and despair after you die? Really? It's 2007 Stace, look around. The facts are in front of you.
Maybe we can have a philosophical chat one day to find common ground.

No Fake Ones

Sorry, I should also explain that there's a Supreme Court case currently being heard that actually inspired our band name. In the case, an Alaskan high school student was suspended from school for holding up a banner with the same phrase on it. The catch was that he wasnt on school property when it happened, and the Principal suspended him anyway. He is suing the school district.

What's unfolded is an all out battle for the right to free speech in our country. Whatever the Supreme Court judges rule will set a precedent for future cases involving peoples' right to free speech.

I, for one, NEVER want to be told what I can and can't say wether it be a solemn expression in favor of my religion, or a joke. Either way it's the First aAmendment right that's being tested.

We just want it clear that we don't have ANYTHING against Jesus or people who believe in him. I think he was one of the last great prophets and His message of love lives on. So does that of Buddha, Confuscious, Muhammed, etc.

So rock on Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and genrally good people. Just make sure you can take a joke (or a toke)

Peace love and unity!

Ok, now I understand a little better. Well I see your point about free speech but I am one who is not so big on free speech at all costs; some things need to have limits on them, imo. So, we differ there but that's not to say that I do not respect or care about people who believe in completely free speech or people who are unsaved ( hey, that's half my friends and family.) Of course I have love for my neighbor, that's how God wants me to be and how I want to be too. I don't think it's about not taking a joke as much as it is about finding these things offensive, so we just stay out of your audiences. Of course I also would not want some kid holding up a nong hits for Jesus sign for him to read at his school, if that's what had happened, but that's the world and how many people are. And we are called to love them. But hey that doesn't mean let anarchy rule. I hope you can see my point, that we have to have some sanctions as a country for the best of everyone and of society. We have to do our best to hold up peace and morality. And drug use is not the best thing for our bodies or our relationships, so I can see why God said to keep our bodies clean because they are our temple. I used to smoke a lot of pot too and I know it seems like harmless fun or relaxation I know now that it is bad for our bodies and I want to live long to share about God's love and raise my family, and I don't want kids to do drugs and reap some of the very dangerous consequences of getting involved in such risky behavior. But hey, peace and thanks for the 'chat' :)

RE: RE: RE: wow
Body: Thanks for your insight. At least your one of the few who can elaborate on your views and aren't just browbeating or saying "just because."
I tend to take a more Buddhist approach to theology, believing that you and I and everyone else are actually a PART of what god is, and therefore are entitled to share in the love and energy that make "him" up.

The first illusion that struck our species was the illusion of need.(wanting to avoid discomfort)

The second was the illusion of failure(fearing that we'd fall short of what we thought we needed)

The third and most deadly is the illusion of separation(saved or unsaved, that some people are part of god and some aren't. or that god itself is somehow better or separate from what we are)

Many more illusions snowballed down from there.

The key in my opinion is really to bask in the good energy, be it your version or mine. I'm sure if nothing else you and I can agree to that!

No Fake Ones

Hi, sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I really wanted to pray about my response and reply in a God-glorifying way. I am not a student of Buddhism, and I do reject it as one of the many religions that dethrone God and reject his son Jesus, our savior. So, as you can see, we agree to disagree, and we won't find any commmon ground- at least where God is concerned.
And I do not agree that the key is to bask in the good energy, be it your version or mine, because of course I believe that there is only 1 God and 1 truth and I , like God, do not wish that any one should perish for lack of knowledge. I do believe that the evil one is the lord of this earth and that many good, decent, kind-hearted people will be led astray - not by worshipping satan- but by worshipping false God's or the created thing. This is what the word says will happen on this earth, due to sin. Hey, you know that I believe Budda is a false God. And I believe that God is the only God and He will judge the world someday. I hope you are saved too on that day and I say that out of a heart filled with love and compassion for you and all the people I meet. My life is so different now that I know God is real and the only God, and that He is so active in the lives of His people! How can I explain it?? Only to say that now that I know what the truth is, I can never turn back to what this world has to offer! I fully understand if you think that's crazy, or wierd, or whatever, I did at one time too. But God has taken mecy on me and saved me from myself, and nothing has ever been the same since.
Thanks for the 'chat' and hope you have a great day!

RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: wow
Body: The people with your one-way vision will clash one day with people of another one way vision and end this Earth. Please open your mind to all the possibilities before you ruin it for the rest of us.

So, that is where I left things and did not respond again, but in hindsight I wish I would have said more about how I could have felt similarily easily but God has taken hold of me and changed my heart, and gone on more about how that has all been a work of God and how I couldn't understand what I'm saying either excpet God has changed me and that has made all the difference. Live and learn. Anyways, my point in sharing this conversation ( all June 6 & the 13th, 2007, so very recent info.)was
to show fellow parents potentially reading this what this band "BHFJ" is really all about, should your kids know of them, I'd warn them- and, to show an example of how we really don't know what's 'lurking beneath the surface' with these bands our kids (or their friends)are possibly listening to and following. Yes, a name like "BHFJ" is bad enough but would we ever know that the lead singer is a Buddhist? Do the parents know whose kids are listening to "BHFJ"? We don't really know all of it so we have to use our best discretion ( and especially our discernment!) in determining what 'messages' and 'messengers' are going to get the Ok to inform our kiddo's budding minds. Obviously most of us would not approve "BHFJ" as an entertainment choice for our kids, but it is good to research any entertainer that our kids show an interest for. Even the "Christian' labled artists are not always so Christian, when you look into it! I know you all already do this, and I am by no means a model parent sharing these rare pearls of wisdom or something(haha)yet I feel the burden to post about this, I guess it is a burden to remind myself and you other mommies that these bands and groups are often wolves in sheeps clothing, and the shaping of our kids minds is not a light matter. It is a heavy matter. There is a lyric from an MnM song that I detest, and it really really bugs me and gets me mad: he says he is "investing in your kids minds and nesting." Not if I can help it!!!

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julie said...

wow! look what happens when my computer crashes and i don't get my blog "fixes"! you my dear friend have been very busy! i am so proud of you! you expressed yourself BEAUTIFULLY AND ARTICULATELY!!! truly stacey, your words were well put. you gave "a reason for the hope you believe"! i am so glad to see the bold words you used and how you used them with grace. thanks for letting me know about this band. i had never heard of them before, but of course i am a 43 year old mama who likes christian music so i guess i probably won't be hearing them anytime too soon.lol YOU GO GIRLFRIEND! you are in my prayers!'love,