Apr 10, 2007

This path is not always so peaceful, at times there is wind,
and there is rain.
Still, we bow our heads, and trudge on.
When there is ice and snow, my Lord holds my hand
to steady me.
The chill is never cold enough to penetrate His love,
the darkness retreats in His light.

At times, there is a friend to walk with.
I find these are the times He knows it will be
straight uphill for awhile.
Our knees are weak, but He girds them with grace,
and ever slowly we climb.
We do not fear enemies of the woods,
or even of our own hearts:
We know that the Lord is with us~
who can stand against us?
Even our hearts will be purified!



Did you write the poem, Stacy? It was very good. connie from Texas

Sparkalina said...

Hey Stacey,

That's a great poem :) did u write it????

Amen to purified hearts...come holy spirit :):)

In reference to the prophetic word..yes I believe that was from God to encourage the universal church :)

Blessings to you my friend,