Mar 29, 2007

A little moment with God yesterday during quiet ( I love quiet!) time... Today's post is below. Yes, I am backwards ;)

And so I am led now, by a warm hand and a very tall man,feeling very much like a little child, filled with anxiety, wanting to anticipate, but not daring to imagine all the good He will show me. Light is streaming through the forest canopy, the way is worn along only two lines, lines we follow with or dusty, bare feet. There is grass growing between the lines. Why doesn't the ground hurt my feet?
I don't see anything up ahead. Only soft shadow. And that scares me.
The birds sound wonderful.
I realize that could turn back at any time, at least I know what's back there...
But I don't want to let go of His hand !
You won't leave me, will you?
No, I never will. :)

...Can you tell that God is requiring new things of me lately?
Coveting your prayers...


samantha louise said...

Wow! I loved this! This was beautiful! You totally captured me, I felt like I was there. I felt like that was my experience.

Beautifully written, inspiring, and ... yeh wow!

staceyhoff said...

thanks Samantha Louise....seems we can all relate to this feeling, one way or another, huh?
God is so good to us!!