Mar 25, 2007

Food... Yummmm ;)

We have decided to continue on with the Hillbilly Housewife menues for another week, and not just because it is economical and very nutricious. Mostly because I am enjoying learning how to make new stuff!;)The Southern Greens are the absolute best!
We loved them! I used greens from a can, but my brother-in-law's girlfriend has graciously offered to teach me how to make them using a mixture of fresh greens, and of course I will post the how-to's on here for anyone who'd like to try them.
Making my own bread with my own hands has turned out to be not so bad now that I've been doing it for a week, in fact, using the bread machine is much more work~ and not as much fun! With the machine, you have to keep coming back and adding different ingredients in intervals, so that you have to stay on top of it for the whole process, but with her method you just mix, knead, let it sit to rise, and then bake. No babysitting rquired! Ty and I have been having fun times and getting strong arms and hands from all the kneading ~ Josh even makes his own little loaf with his own lump of dough and he has been so proud showing these to Daddy! He also loves eating some of it at dinnertime :)

I made dumplings for the the other night, and then hoe cakes (also called ash cakes, she says)both for the first time. I was so proud of myself, even though they are so easy to make! Lol ;) My husband (a meat and potatoes man) even loved her Pinto Beans and Onions dinner, the one you serve with the greens and hoe cakes. And that should earn her an award right there!! He still said it would have been better with some meat with it, but there's no reason why we can't have meat if the Lord continues to provide funds for it. We just wanted to try this emergency $45 menu because we thought it would be fun, and build character.I don't know about the character, but we sure have been having fun! ;) LOL

I am sad that I can't check in and see what the koller's are doing with the menues; since I heard about the hillbilly housewife from them and decided to get in on their project to try out the $45 menu .Their blog seems to be restricted to regular folk stopping by suddenly. I hope everything is Ok for them and they haven't had any troubles!

I realize this entire post has been about food, LOL, but have you tried Strawberry Pie? The kind with just the pie shell and it is filled with lucious, ripe strawberries in the red gel-like 'sauce' they are folded into? I know, it soundskind of gross by my description, but Oh! It is So Good!! I had it for the first time over at the Pottstown Diner last night ( hubby's B-day dinner with the family) and theirs is so good. The chef said he uses only organic strawberries, and we plan to grow some this Summer so I hope that's organic enough ;) You know I am SO gonna learn how to make this pie!!

Well I'd better move along and get to planning out the week coming up in home schooling~ something I need to make time for on Sunday nights sometime or I suffer for it all week if I don't. Have a blessed week, and I hope to get to post (and especially read all of your great posts, tee hee ;) soon & often this coming week!

Scriptures for the day:
...continuing on the theme of food, of course!:)

1 Corinthians 10: 27: If someone who isn't a Christian asks you home for dinner, go ahead; accept the invatation if you want to... 28, But suppose someone warns you that this meat has been offered to an idol. Don't eat it, out of consideration for the conscience of the one who told you so.

33, This is the plan I follow, too. I try to please everyone in everything I do. I don't just do what I like or what is best for me, but what is best for them so that they may be saved.

Quick Prayers: My Dear Lord, please help me to do what is best for others so that they may be saved. Grant me courage and faith, but especially love, when this conviction requires speaking truth in love, something that I have so benefitted from recieving from other folks in my life. Thank You! Amen!

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Anonymous said...

My mom makes a wonderful strawberry pie that sounds just like the one you were talking about. Let me know if you want the recipe...I have tried my hand at it too...good stuff...:)