Feb 13, 2007

Random Rambling's

Well we thought Gracie's 'sickness' was done by Saturday, but poor Gracie is on again with the cold-?- whatever it is :( . But we all got to go to church Sunday before it came back. So that's neat how that worked out!
Grace is amusing me in that even though she is stuffed up again and feeling yucky much of the time, she still has her sense of humor and will laugh out loud if one of us does something silly - even as she lie on the floor in the midst of 'a moment.'
I think she's dramatising those 'moments' a little bit ;) but I know she doesn't feel great and it's good to see her little funny bone is still intact :)

I have listened to part of the tape by Allen Snap, and have enjoyed it. Al's cd's from the men's conference arrived yesterday, and I am contemplating listening to them with Ty during Grace's naps, or maybe Al could listen with Ty before bed and that way they could listen together. I think Ty could benefit from listening to the teachings,too. I might sneak in some listening when I'm done with the tape myself- I won't self destruct since I'm a woman, right?? Lol

This morning, one of my favorite programs was about how many lives each individuals choices affect. Starting with spouse, children and sisters, mothers, mothers-in-law,cousins, etc. and spreading on to friends, neighbors, co-workers, and strangers. The speaker was talking about God's promise to David that, because of his obedience, God would bless his descendants for many generations. Because of David's obedience, David's great- great grandchild, Saul and Hezekiah were all shown mercy when the Lord could have otherwise destroyed them. Made me think again how thankful I am for the praying grandmothers ( mine, and others), mom's, and all those who are on their knees praying for others and also hastened me to remember how many lives my own life does touch, even as a stay-at-home mom and wife.

Maybe my life touches even more lives than I think because I am not so harried trying to juggle a career and my kids and home that I choose to neglect my quiet times alone with the Lord. I'm just saying that for myself as a working mom it was hard fitting in those times and I was far more exhausted than I am now. I am hastened to be all the more thankful for being able to stay at home.And, for God's ultimate sacrifice- sending Jesus- and Jesus' obedience- which secured mercy for all of us, decedents of David's or not. More prayer is needed that more of us will make that U-turn in life, and go to the place we know we belong in- walking with our father who created us.

Well, time to get to schoolwork and then get out in that snow that's falling!


julie said...

oh stacey, let me assure you that your life is definetely touching many. you have certainly touched me with your sweet words of encouragement and your prayers to our Saviour on my family's behalf.
what a dear friend you are. i know you must be a wonderful mama as well. keep your hand in HIS! julie

staceyhoff said...

How Encouraging!
Thanks Julie :)

Heather said...

Wow, our family seems to be playing with illness all the time as well!