Feb 23, 2007

<3 A Testament To God's Faithfulness <3

If you have a little while sometime, check out the blog Twenty Eight Celsius:

On it is a man named Kevin's recount of his life before Christ, and it is really a prodigal story. But most of all!, it is a testament to God's faithfullness and to the power of prayer,IMO. I am so glad that I heard about it!!

Everything is hectic in the H. household, what with homeschooling getting all the more involved in the last couple of weeks ( projects, projects, projects galore! ;) and with Grace full on thrust into this phase of not being agile/big enough to do all the things she wants to do and the torrents of frustration that follow those moments (joy! lol) I am very grateful, especially at this time!, that we are not all sick -and that we have been faring pretty well this Winter- so far! *fingers crossed*

Anyone have any tips for this age? Between a year and two years? Please?? Lol!

Hope that your having a great week :)


Dawn said...

I came over here from Kev's post - he is my son and we're doing this together. I don't know if you've had a chance to read my point of view, or if you want to. It has been quite a journey for us to put this down in cyberspace like this, and quite cathartic for me. I am interested in how you found him. Thanks for your comment to him. It's right on target! He is a testament of the grace of God - if you continue to read, you'll learn that he should have been dead, if Satan had his way.

staceyhoff said...

Oh Dawn, I did get to read your point of view about it- how could I have not been drawn to that, as a parent myself! I should have left you a comment, as well. Your POV challenged me and encouraged me; through Christ all things are possible!! I am definately keeping up to date with your son's story and thanking God for him, his health-his salvation- his encouragement to all of us in the body of Christ ( and yet to be) by sharing his story. Thank you guys so much! I actually heard about his wive's blog by a friend and followe another bloggers link to her site. That's why I figured I'd mention her blog on mine, too, so that whatever few people may meander onto my blog maight hear about you all as well. God bless! <3 Stacey

Dawn said...

Thank you so much for coming back and commenting to me. It means a lot to me! I am glad we have connected and hope we can keep in touch with each other in this way. It has been quite a journey for us, and it is a joy to be able to share it from this side of the cross!