Dec 14, 2006

The boys and I are going through Tell Me The Story for Christmas prep; it is an excellent book written by Max Lucado and just as excellently illustrated ( you guys have got to see these illustrations!) by Ron DiCianni. This book has brought us into many God-glorifying conversations along the path. In the back, in the special message for parents insert, I found
this blurb this morning...

The Fall

After reading Genesis Chapter 3, it's tempting to wonder how Adam and Eve could have fallen for the lies Satan told them. Well, hold that thought...

You see, I am convinced had it been me - or maybe even you- in the garden, the outcome would have been the same. Maybe even sooner!

Even sadder, not much has changed since that fateful day! Satan is still lying, and many of us are still falling for his lies. Even Christians.

It occurs to me that disobedience, no matter how appropriate it may seem, always ends with two people hurt~ God and you.

Read the Genesis account and get some kind of feeling for God's sorrow when He had to cast His crowning jewels from His presence. Think about it~ no more walks in the cool of the garden, no more fellowship.

After Adam and Eve disobeyed, hiding was more appropriate ( Genesis 3:8.)

If satan's trap sounds good to you, here's a tip: The voice of God usually comes from the one's He's placed there to help you.

Names like Mom and Dad and pastor come to mind. And they'll tell you the truth, even if it hurts. There are others, but they won't necessarily tell you the truth. But what do you want, a lie?

A big Thank You to all of you who have spoken into our lives over the past going on 5 years; especially Thanks to the Lord who conceived and birthed Resurrection ! and brought all of us prodigals home.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!Lord We Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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