Nov 13, 2006

Can't I Just Have The Weekends Off? Ha Ha! Guffaw!! Snicker!!!

So, after all my great reading time I have been so blessed to have over the last several (early !) mornings , you'd think that I would be * cured* ( at least for a week? a day??) of my tendancies towards sinning in the areas of selfishness ( me?) and self-sufficiency ( what a joke !)
But NO! This weekend held many opportunities for me to trust in the Lord
and lean not on my own understandings ( puny as they are!) but , sadly, I do not always make the right choice ( aren't you shocked?! LOL ! )

My sin is always right here with me, and it is a daily struggle that I have with it, I know this.... But.... in my silliness I'm thinking, Can't I Just Have The Weekends Off?? HA haha ha! Guffaw!! Snicker!!!

NO, I just can't have the weekends off from dealing with my sin, and NO amount of REALLY GOOD ( honestly!) reading is going to carry ME all the way through Monday morning!

I am now freshly aware that I need to bring back the Saturday and Sunday morning prayer time ( Yes, even one before church... those hours leading up to church are hectic and looong folks! Ha ha !) ... and probably sneak in some afternoon sessions on some days! Lol! I don't know about y'all, but the weekends sure bring plenty of opportunity to be rushing around stressed or either 3 kidslets bored out of their gourds around our home; can't there be a middle ground?
Add to that not enough discretionary money to do the things they'd ( and we'd!) like to do for entertainment purposes, and we have a downright grumpy, sinful little crowd of us at times.
Not to mention at out house, the weekends are the time my husband and I are supposed to 'talk'. Guffaw!! This is seriously bad timing, and let me tell ya the week goes by reeeaaaalllyyy slow sometimes when your waiting on the weekend to discuss something important. Not to mention. How do you 'talk' in a houseful of 3 whining kids?? Yes, I think we need to change some policies here at the Hoffman home :-0

But, regardless of stalemate issues my mate and I might have or bored kids and not enough money, or my selfishness in internally tallying each weekend since I have had some 'Quiet Time' ( What's That?? Ha ha ) to do some serious scrapbooking ( Lol!), I must discipline my mind to accept - and live in ! God's word- and my sin needs to be dealt with ( Ya Think? LOL!) It would be wise to change some policies here, but even more wise to lay my heart before God and say Lord, will you weed out all this sin in me, and show me what I have to learn? Weekends could be a relaxing time together if we'd be stricter with our sin on Saturday's and Sunday's. I'm going to go do that right now!....


Maddie's Momma said...

hmmm...struggling with the sins of selfishness and must be reading my mind! Those have been my two "big" sin areas as of now as well. I, too, am so thankful for the all-sufficient cross! have a great week! xoxo

staceyhoff said...

Wow! How Exciting! I go on here to change my Welcome To My Blog thing(I know, I know, obsessive! LOL!.. why am I even thinking about that, when there is so much other stuff to do? :-0 ! ...
and anyways, I find ...
Da!Da!Da!Daaa! ...
~~~~My First Comment Ever!!~~~~
Thanks Kelly! ...and how kind of you to be so gracious with me in regards to my sin. I am just so thankful for all the Wonderful Christian Women who speak into my life!!!
ps-- I will add you in with all of my own prayers for much-needed grace in this area ;)

~ Hope you all have a great week, too! <3, Stacey

Homeschool Help Web said...

Hi Stacey:

You won! You were one of only two people to comment on my birthday post, so you win! Will you contact me and give me your addy so I can mail your prize to you?



Audrey said...

I am right there with I think that I can "get" through the weekend without spending time with my Savior...I obviously can't...I need to be in the word whenever I much I need His grace at EVERY moment...Thanks for this post...Have a wonderful weekend...See you on Sunday:)