Oct 30, 2006

Hello All,

Since I have left my blog full of cobwebs since June, I decided to freshen up a bit and put up a new post ....finally! So lets start fresh again here....

As some of you may know, I have 3 children ~ 2 handsome boys and 1 beautiful girl. One of my sons has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Oppositional Defiant Disorder, the others, too young to tell. I am posting this because I hope to be a friend and support for anyone whose family also has the same blessings and challenges. No doubt about it, ADHD ~ ESPECIALLY ODD~ can be a challenge but if you too have a child who has this bent, be encouraged that there is a way to have semi-normalcy ( is there such a thing as "normal", anyways?? LOL) in your home, and God knows just what that way is for *your* family.

For my family, this means heavily relying on God's Grace and, for me especially, being very serious about and committed to extinguishing, my sin. Ahhh children can be "sponge squeezers" as my pastor would call it ( for those of you not in my church, the analogy is that our hearts are like wet sponges... when squeezed, 'stuff' comes out of them ... but nothing that wasn't there in the first place... the squeeze is just the preassure that brougt it out for you to see it.) So this is ONE reason why my kids have been my greatest coaches in sanctification. Because they squeeze my sponge.

If I had thelife of total ease and comfort my sinful little heart too often desires, then I would not only most likely forget my need for God but growth in holiness would probably be impossible. Instead, I'd think I was a 'good' person.... because I'd have no 'squeezers' in my life. So, thank you God for the squeezers even though it is no fun to be squeezed, but the squeezing produces humility that your word says you greatly value- humility has to be earned.

The blessings all of my children have given my heart, now that's a different story!! There is no way to put them all into a simple picture of words. The fullness and warmth of heart , the joy of playing a small ( facillitating) part in creating life, all of the wonderful memories, how much children force you to grow up, even the pain of worrying for them, all of it is a gift. Second only to the Lord, my children have changed me forever. They help me grow, they teach me every day.
Thanks to homeschooling my oldest, I a m with him all day, every day. Yes, he has activities he goes off to, but I am with him so much more than I would be if he'd be going off to school. This is such a blessing to be able to do this!! We may also homeschool the youngest when they are old enough for schooling. .. I have discovered that homeschooling can be a blessing for all kids, not just "learning disabled" labled ones. Why send my other children away, when I don't have to ? I just love the blessing of being able to be with them ... and to be the one who teaches them the ways of the Lord, as well as teaching them academically.

I am so grateful fora lesson my God taught me Sunday morning. I witnessed my most anxiety-provoking and first born child lift his hands up to the Lord in unabashed worship at church. The blessing this brought to my soul is one nothing but God could ever give! You see, this is was an answer to much fervent prayer... of many hours on my knees pleading, and of many an empty stomach and lowered blood sugars for me while fasting , for my sons salvation... and a plea I had so often set my heart upon and had God tell me over and over - and over- again, " But do not set your heart upon it." I was just barely beginning to give him over fully, if you have a child you particularily worry for, you know how hard this can be to do- and God gives me this blessing, out of the blue! Isn't that just like our Lord, to bless us when we haven't even earned it?!! He is so amazing. Well, I started sobbing like a baby right there in front of everyone, couldn't control the overwhelming gratitude and joy. Yes, I know this is not a sure sign that he is saved, but it is a ray of hope in an otherwise gray landscape, much of the time. I thank God for it, and also my church for thier discipleship group for teens which my oldest is part of and went with his father to Friday night. There, amongst many biblically-rich teachings, our care group leader had a prophetic word for the group - and later said it was actually meant specifically for us - that we need to *particularily* encourage the kids who are struggling with sin the hardest. I'll admit for myself, I so often have that dreaded suprivisors mentality... constantly scanning for blips on the screen and eradicating them as they come up, and taking for granted everything that is good, because there are no glitches in those areas.

My husband led me into a wonderful talk about this Friday night after they got back, the first part with our son and the second without him. With his gentle guidance, I was able to see that we really needed to encourage our son more... not just the usual stuff, but above and beyond that for a season so that he can see that not all he does is bad. God showed me later in prayer, This is so important for the particularily struggling kids because they so often have to answer to the consequences for their sin. They can be so easily discouraged, and lose heart. Doing this has made a huge difference in our home; even if at times it seems like there is not much to encourage just keep picking up anything positive and praising it. I am sick that I could not see how much my son needed these extra encouragements to blossom earlier, but I am glad for God's timing that at least I can see it now. God is such a patient and loving parent isn't he?

I would love to hear anyone else's experiences, and or ideas or encouragements .
Hope your having a blessed week, so far!!! ;)


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